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Chapter 862: Power Soldiers (1)

Outside Fu Guang City, a dense shadow rippled over like a dark flood, gradually swallowing the entire area. The city gates were locked tight. The Poison King and a burly man were leading hundreds of brawny men from Fu Guang City to guard the main doors, which vibrated constantly.

Beyond the city gates, heavy thumping sounds thundered into the eardrums of everyone. It sounded like someone was knocking upon their hearts, making everybody look grave.

At midday, Zhai Xing Lou’s troops suddenly appeared outside Fu Guang City. The Blood Tribe members guarding the gates had spotted them from afar and promptly sent word to Meng Fusheng.

Meng Fusheng felt that something was not right and immediately had his men shut the main gates.

Just as they expected, Zhai Xing Lou was attacking Fu Guang City.

Standing above the city walls, Meng Fusheng’s face was dark as night. He frowned deeply as he stared at the bunch of huge monsters surrounding Fu Guang City.

“What are those things?” Linghe also stood upon the walls as he surveyed the strange creatures. Those monsters looked somewhat like humans, but their physiques and skins were extremely bizarre.

Dark purple skin covered their rippling muscles, while their vicious faces held not the slightest bit of consciousness. They were like wild beasts who only knew how to kill and maim.

Meng Fusheng frowned. “Power Soldiers. These are a bunch of military killing machines created by Zhai Xing Lou’s city lord, Gong Qiang, via his gold cultivation.”

“What?” Linghe couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Living creatures created via gold cultivation?

Meng Fusheng’s face grew increasingly grim. He never expected Zhai Xing Lou would launch such a sudden attack on Fu Guang City.

“Gong Qiang’s most fearsome attribute is his gold cultivation skills. He can create monsters with limitless power and zero sense of fear out of the usual gold cultivation techniques. Standing right outside our city now are one of his creations—the Power Soldier. These creatures have absolutely no sense of pain…”

Meng Fusheng had never dared to openly go against Gong Qiang as he feared these monsters borne of gold cultivation. He had previously witnessed powerful practitioners, who dared challenge Gong Qiang, being torn apart by these creatures.

“Gong Qiang can create countless such monsters if he wishes. All of those who oppose him will be killed, or used as sacrificial material for his gold cultivation—to be transformed into one of his puppets. Battling this group of monsters will be an absolute nightmare. Even the savage demons are not a match for these creatures.”

Linghe was stunned. Although he had heard some rumors of Gong Qiang, but… he never expected his gold cultivation skills to be able to transform living human beings into such heinous zombies.

Zuo Nuo, who was also standing with them, turned pale. He looked down at those deformed power soldiers, who were squirming around the wall as if ready to clamber up. His gaze fell upon their purple skin, and he instinctively raised his bow and arrow and let off a shot at those power soldiers.


As the sharp arrow made contact with one of the power soldiers, it was as if striking a hard rock. There was not even a drop of blood, but only a faint scratch upon that dark purple skin.