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Chapter 861: A Thousand Years Ago (2)

Mi accepted the power of the God of Evil after its partner died and from that time on, the tribe was killed and eventually exterminated, whereas Mi’s body was taken over by the power of the God of Evil. Anything that was filled with evil would attract the God of Evil to their body, causing their condition to worsen. This caused the dirty evil to cover its body in a black liquid.

[The Moonlight Lake can purify anything, but it cannot cleanse the evil in Mi. If it goes near the Moonlight Lake, it would contaminate the lake.] It was also painful for the Rhinoceros Beast to prevent its closest partner from getting close.

But as the last protector of the Forest of Freedom, he had to protect all the living beings.

Not only this vegetation, anything the evil aura around Mi affected, would experience something terrifying. Their pure souls could die because of the evil, while the evil souls could become crazier because of the God of Evil.

Even though Mi was still living inside the Forest of Freedom, it hardly appeared. Its appearance that day might be because it had sensed the injury of the Rhinoceros Beast. Although the Rhinoceros Beast was heartbroken over its partner’s degeneration, it could only make the cruel decision to chase it away.

The greed of the tribe left such huge damage on the Forest of Freedom that even after thousands of years, it still remained there.

Ji Fengyan could not help but sigh. No matter what kind of tribe, once they were filled with greed, a huge disaster was bound to happen.

Yet this greed was so irresistible. How many living beings could be as pure as the Rhinoceros Beast, just like its original self?

After swimming a while longer in the Moonlight Lake, Ji Fengyan looked at the dark sky and walked out of the lake.

“I will settle the matters outside quickly. During this time, be careful.” Ji Fengyan decided to deal with Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian quickly, so that she could return peace to the Forest of Freedom for her to continue recovering her inner core.

The Rhinoceros Beast had originally intended on sending Ji Fengyan out of the Forest of Freedom, but was rejected by her. No one knew whether the people from Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian had already left the forest.

Ji Fengyan immediately took out her sword and used her sword kinesis flight to fly quickly out of the Forest of Freedom. Before she left the Forest of Freedom, she suddenly sensed a gaze on her and stopped in midair.

When she looked towards the gaze, she saw the green oily eyes staring at her at the entrance of the Forest of Freedom. It was filled with enmity and cautiousness.

It’s Mi?

As if it had noticed Ji Fengyan looking at itself, Mi’s dark figure disappeared without a trace into the dark forest in a blink of an eye.

Ji Fengyan snapped out of her daze and flew out toward the Fu Guang City.

Even though she did not find the jade stone to make the Taiji jade, she found the Moonlight Lake that was even more precious. As a whole, she still benefited.

But Ji Fengyan, who was still not satisfied with her journey to the Forest of Freedom, had not expected that Fu Guang City was already in trouble.

Under the night sky, the torchlights on the walls of Fu Guang City were flickering. Meng Fusheng and Linghe were standing side by side on the city walls with a serious face. In front of them, outside the walls of Fu Guang City, there was a three meters tall, naked and muscular giant…