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Chapter 860: A Thousand Years Ago (1)

“Humph!” A low grunt came from that monster. That pair of green and oily eyes were still on Ji Fengyan. Its grunt seemed to be directed at Ji Fengyan and also seemed to argue with the Rhinoceros Beast.

The Rhinoceros Beast shook its head at the monster.

[That is my friend.]

The monster was obviously stunned and its gaze went between the Rhinoceros Beast and Ji Fengyan. Finally, it struggled a while on the spot before returning silently into the forest.

“What is that?” Ji Fengyan watched as the monster retreated and the patch of yellow remaining on the grass as it left.

The Rhinoceros Beast turned back and all the animals by the lake relaxed and continued to drink.

[That is Mi.]

“Mi?” Ji Fengyan did not understand. She realised that all the creatures in the Forest of Freedom were never seen before. At least among those that she saw that day, she had not heard of them before.

[It was originally one of the protector of the Forest of Freedom, but because of a battle, it gave up on its pure spirituality and was stained with evil.] The Rhinoceros Beast’s voice was filled with hopelessness.

Probably the appearance of Mi made the Rhinoceros Beast recall its past as it slowly shared the story about the Forest of Freedom to Ji Fengyan.

Initially, there were three protectors of the Forest of Freedom. The Rhinoceros Beast and Mi were both protectors. Apart from the both of them, there was another protector. A long time ago, before the appearance of the Free Valley, the place was still a barren land and no one would step foot on it, but the Forest of Freedom had already existed. At that time, the three protectors were also determined to guard this piece of land.

Until many years later, the appearance of a tribe interrupted the peace of the Free Valley and Forest of Freedom.

That tribe originally only stayed in the Free Valley and did not bother the Forest of Freedom, whereas the animals in the Forest of Freedom did not leave the forest.

Until one child from the tribe lost its way and accidentally entered the Forest of Freedom. The animals in the Forest of Freedom had never interacted with anything outside, and they were filled with kindness. They saved the lost child and brought the child to the Moonlight Lake to heal its wound. After the child recovered, they sent him out of the Forest of Freedom.


It also interrupted the peace of the Forest of Freedom at that time.

The tribe learnt from the child that the Forest of Freedom had a Moonlight Lake that could heal all injuries, so filled with greed, they wanted the Moonlight Lake for themselves.

They declared war against the Forest of Freedom.

And as the protectors, the three Rhinoceros Beasts led the living creatures in the Forest of Freedom to battle.

This battle changed everything.

[That tribe created a strong giant soldier gods and killed many of us. The other protector died in battle and Mi was also affected by the evil in the giant soldier gods and killed mercilessly…]

The Rhinoceros Beast’s tone was filled with helplessness and regrets.

But what it said made Ji Fengyan shocked.

If she had been right, the tribe that had attacked the Forest of Freedom should be the Ancient tribe that had created the giant soldier gods. It was a mystery as to how that tribe had suddenly disappeared but now from the Rhinoceros Beast’s own mouth; she had discovered the battle that took place a thousand of years ago.