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Chapter 858: This is protection (2)

The Rhinoceros Beast was deep in thoughts. Probably in its own understanding. There should not be such mass killing occurring, but what they had been experiencing had already made his insistence crumble.

Seeing the Rhinoceros Beast’s troubled look, Ji Fengyan did not intend to say more. Instead, she turned her focus to the lake surface before her. She walked to the side of the lake and a group of green creatures jumped to make way for her. Ji Fengyan bent down to put her hands into the lake-water, and the coldness that came through her fingertips made her shocked as the lake-water actually had hidden a strong spiritual energy. That spiritual energy did not require any cultivation and immediately made the cracks in her inner core recover.

Ji Fengyan widened her eyes suddenly!

The healing abilities of the lake-water were unheard of. Not only could it heal the wounds on all the spiritual beasts, it could also recover her inner core?

This discovery really made Ji Fengyan lost for words.

She believed that she did not need much of it and just by soaking herself in this lake-water for a few days, her inner core would completely recover!

At this thought, Ji Fengyan could not help but feel excited. But she did not act immediately and only stood up to look at the Rhinoceros Beast that was still in frustration.

An immortal cultivator should respect all spirits and life. This lake obviously belonged to the creatures in the Forest of Freedom. If she were to jump into this lake-water, wouldn’t all these spirits have to drink her ‘bathwater’?

Ji Fengyan thought hard, and suddenly an idea came to mind.

“Maybe I can help you.” Ji Fengyan said.

The Rhinoceros Beast tilted its head and looked at Ji Fengyan with a confused look.

“I know that you don’t like to fight, but for you to protect the living beings here, you need to chase away the intruders. I can help you chase them out.” Ji Fengyan said to the Rhinoceros Beast with righteousness.

And her words accurately tackled the biggest worry that the Rhinoceros Beast had.

[If you can help me chase those people away, all the living beings will be grateful towards you.]

Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “You don’t have to thank me. I also have my reasons for helping you. I need this lake-water.”

The Rhinoceros Beast seemed to be in a difficult spot. [I apologize, but this lake-water is the source of life for the forest and is bestowed upon by the Gods. I cannot accede to your request.]

“You’re mistaken, I do not want to take away the lake-water, but… I just need you to allow me to soak in it for a few days.” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said.

[No problem.] The Rhinoceros Beast agreed quickly.

“Then don’t worry, I will settle the matters very soon.” Ji Fengyan smiled extremely happily. So long as she could recover her inner core, nothing was an issue.

And most importantly, Ji Fengyan was also disgusted by the damage that Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian had done to the Forest of Freedom. It was definitely more beneficial than disadvantageous for her to collaborate with the Rhinoceros Beast. Moreover, the Rhinoceros Beast could sense a person’s intention. If Ji Fengyan had any evil intentions, the Rhinoceros Beast would know and not be this honest with her.

Since Ji Fengyan had saved itself and even agreed to its own request, the Rhinoceros Beast will let Ji Fengyan use the lake-water one time.

Naturally, Ji Fengyan would not reject something this beneficial to her.

As a result…

During the late night, while the spirits gathered around the lake, a slender figure was swimming wildly in the lake-water and produced huge splashes on the peaceful lake surface.