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Chapter 857: This is protection (1)

The Rhinoceros Beast is the advocate for the Gods and has the purest soul in the world. There were only a few people who could see the Rhinoceros Beast and those who could communicate with it were the souls the Rhinoceros Beast had acknowledged.

In most other people’s eyes, the Rhinoceros Beast was only a “magical elixir” that could allow them to live forever.

Ji Fengyan instinctively touched its nose. She was feeling guilty that the Rhinoceros Beast had acknowledged her soul to be pure.

“You have been living here all along?”

The Rhinoceros Beast nodded. [This is the land left behind by the Gods so that I could protect those weak souls.]

The Rhinoceros Beast turned slightly and looked at the green living things on its back.

[They are the spirits of this forest.]

Ji Fengyan could sense that the living things that she had met in the Forest of Freedom differed from those described by Meng Fusheng previously.

“Umm, this place has been occupied by some humans, so you should be careful.” Ji Fengyan adjusted her emotions and said. Even though she was determined to gain control over the Forest of Freedom, her target was only the medicinal herbs and jade stones, and the spiritual energy here. She was not interested in disturbing the spirits and life here, but she was not sure about Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian.

If she had not met it by chance, she believed that this innocent Rhinoceros Beast would be dragged away to be skinned alive.

As if it had felt Ji Fengyan’s worry for itself, the Rhinoceros Beast intoned.

[Ever since they entered the Forest of Freedom, I already knew their arrival…]

The Rhinoceros Beast was the protector of the Forest of Freedom and had lived with all the spirits and living things there for over ten thousand years. It was already very familiar with all the living beings there. The instant that Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou stepped foot into the Forest of Freedom, the spirits in the forest had already told the Rhinoceros Beast about them.

And initially, when they were only digging the Forest of Freedom for medicinal herbs and ores, the spirits had been watching their every action and reported to the Rhinoceros Beast. Seeing that they had not harmed the spirits here, the Rhinoceros Beast did not take any action.


Matters had gone beyond its expectation. Those humans were no longer satisfied with just the medicinal herbs and ores and ventured deeper into the forest. They also began to hunt some creatures living in the Forest of Freedom.

After hearing the Rhinoceros Beast, Ji Fengyan only felt that…

The Rhinoceros Beast had been away from the actual world for too long, so being the kind-hearted one, it did not know the brutality of humans.

Once they know that the living things in the Forest of Freedom were rare, Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian would definitely not let go of any chance to kill them all.

[The spirits here had been living away from the world. I just want to protect them and maintain this peace.] The tone in the Rhinoceros Beast’s voice was filled with hopelessness. Its kind nature made it unable to understand why there would be a living thing proactively harming other lives in this world.

“Humans are always seeking for more power. They would go out of their own way to make themselves become stronger. If you really want to protect these spirits, then you need to chase away all these humans, or you will have to bring all these fellows to a place that nobody can find.” Ji Fengyan gave a neutral suggestion. Even though she was unsure of the Rhinoceros Beast’s abilities, but just the natural personality of the Rhinoceros Beast would definitely not be a match for the cunning humans.