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Chapter 856: Rhinoceros Beast (3)

Under the cover of the night, the rhinoceros beast escaped with Ji Fengyan into the depths of the Forest of Freedom. Only after distancing themselves far away from the Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian gang did the animal finally slow down. But it never came to a complete stop. Ji Fengyan self-consciously jumped off the back of the beast, but it turned around to signal that she should follow along beside it.

Going through the dense vegetation, after walking for goodness-knows-how long, human and beast reached a lake hidden within the forest.

In the deep night, the peaceful lake looked like a mirror. Nestled within the forest, the surface of the lake reflected the moonlight.

Ji Fengyan looked in wonder at that vast expanse of lake. Swirls of pure spiritual energy were concentrated upon the surface of that lake.

The rhinoceros beast walked to the side of the lake and lowered its head to drink the water.

Ji Fengyan realized in amazement that the wounds on the rhinoceros beast’s body were swiftly healing. The bandage covering its stomach area loosened and she could see the scarred flesh around the wounds to be rapidly converging.

Did this lake water hold healing properties?

Just as Ji Fengyan was pondering over the effects of the lake water, a night breeze blew past. It emitted shushing sounds from the surrounding forest, along with the rustling noise of the trees. It sounded as if chimes were being rung from all directions.

Within the dark forest, palm-sized green balls of light emerged. Following the wind, these light-green balls of light floated down from the treetops. Only then did Ji Fengyan clearly see that each of those so-called green balls was a little creature the size of a palm. With big round heads and short bodies, they looked exceedingly cute. A pale green color all over. The whole crowd of balls gathered by the side of the lake and squatted over to drink the water.

“Gurgle?” A clumsy fat green creature ran past Ji Fengyan and accidentally knocked into her foot. Its rotund body fell back onto the ground in a roll and its head swayed in a daze.

The green creature realized it had collided with something and looked up to see the “massive” Ji Fengyan. Its round body trembled and it ran gurgling in a panic all the way to the side of the lake. It squeezed itself into the group of its companions before turning around to look at Ji Fengyan again. Thereafter, it squatted over and started drinking.

This extraordinary scene utterly amazed Ji Fengyan.

She had never seen such a magical little creature.

The wounds on the rhinoceros beast gradually healed. Several green creatures climbed onto its back and laid down in satisfaction—with their bellies full of water and four legs sticking out. The rhinoceros beast turned around and walked towards Ji Fengyan.

An ethereal, genderless voice suddenly rang out in Ji Fengyan’s mind.

[Thank you, kindhearted person.]

Ji Fengyan was shocked. The rhinoceros beast had not opened its mouth and that voice felt like it had come from within her own soul.

“Is that you talking?” Ji Fengyan asked instinctively.

The rhinoceros beast nodded.

Ji Fengyan rubbed her own forehead, looking rather astounded. “I had heard rumors of your race, but this is the first time I know that… you can actually speak.”

This was truly too remarkable.

The rhinoceros beast’s voice once again sounded in Ji Fengyan’s mind.

[This is not speaking, but a telepathic message. Only those with the purest of souls can receive our messages.]