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Chapter 855: Rhinoceros Beast (2)

The rhinoceros beast had suffered many wounds, but the most critical ones were at the stomach region. Even with elixirs, the wounds were unlikely to heal so soon.

Ji Fengyan could only put on a basic bandage over the wounds in the stomach region. She glanced at the still-fighting Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou and carefully pressed herself against the ears of the rhinoceros beast. “Can you stand up?”

Ji Fengyan wasn’t sure if the animal could understand her.

But it actually nodded as Ji Fengyan spoke.

Relief shot through her heart.

This was definitely a high-level beast, different from the others.

Recalling how many elixirs and efforts she had put into Bai Ze before finally awakening its spiritual intelligence—this rhinoceros beast had immediately understood her.

Was this the legendary gifted race?

Ji Fengyan used both her hands to support the rhinoceros beast as it tried to stand up. Although still weak, it got on its feet, albeit unsteadily. It leaned against Ji Fengyan to slowly stabilize itself.

Ji Fengyan breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the rhinoceros beast stand up. She then pointed towards the ongoing fight with her chin.

The rhinoceros beast seemed to understand Ji Fengyan’s meaning and nodded.

Just as Ji Fengyan was thinking to just lead the rhinoceros beast along first before saying anything else, it suddenly lowered its head and lifted her onto its own back without any hesitation. It then loped into the dense forest with its powerful hooves.

Ji Fengyan widened her eyes at the rhinoceros beast’s movement. She had noticed that its four hooves were not touching the ground at all during its run. It was hovering a meter above the floor!

As a result, it did not create any noise.

The rhinoceros beast carried Ji Fengyan on its back and ran swiftly through the darkness. They soon left the scene of the crime.

Meanwhile, Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou were also on the final legs of their battle. Relying on their superior physical strength, Zhai Xing Lou had Yan Luo Dian beaten to a corner.

And Yan Luo Dian already realized that there was no way they could gain victory now. They knew that the outcome was set no matter how hard they struggled on, and they would only lose more members to death and injury. As such, they chose to temporarily retreat.

The Zhai Xing Lou men grinned smugly as they watched the fleeing Yan Luo Dian gang.

“Leader, Yan Luo Dian is only of a sub-par standard. And they usually act so arrogantly. Look at them now, fleeing away in fear after being beaten by us.” One of the men in black crowed.

The leader in black lifted his chin and shot a cold glance at his man.

“We had the advantage this time. Yan Luo Dian was already injured which was why we gained an easy victory. We must quickly get the rhinoceros beast out of the Forest of Freedom and hand it over to our city lord. We must not wait until Yan Luo Dian comes back with reinforcements.”

“City lord will be so happy to learn that we picked up a rhinoceros beast by sheer luck.” The man continued.

The leader nodded. “The rhinoceros beast is rare. We have been in the Free Valley for so many years and entered the Forest of Freedom so many times—but had never uncovered the existence of this beast. It will be a real coup for us to bring back this rhinoceros beast.”

The Zhai Xing Lou men were full of glee.

“Let’s go bring back that rhinoceros beast.”

“Yes!” At the leader’s command, the Zhai Xing Lou men immediately carried their torches and walked towards the direction of that animal.


The rhinoceros beast had already vanished, leaving behind only a pool of silver-white blood.