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Chapter 854: Rhinoceros Beast (1)

The Yan Luo Dian men were all engrossed in defending against Zhai Xing Lou’s next wave of attack. They completely failed to notice that a stealthy figure had already sneaked its way to the side of the rhinoceros beast.

Crouching, Ji Fengyan slunk over to the rhinoceros beast. Approaching it, she could see even more clearly the terrible wounds on its body.

Fresh scars cut deep grooves into its pristine fur. Silver-white blood trickled from its wounds onto the nearby grass. All vegetation that came into contact with the blood of a rhinoceros beast were covered in a faint sheen.

The beast noticed the approach of a human bring but could only struggle to lift its head to look at Ji Fengyan. Those ice-blue pupils showed not an ounce of fear, but held a heartbreaking serenity.

“Don’t worry.” Ji Fengyan stroked the fur of the rhinoceros beast to comfort it. But the moment she touched it, she could feel a powerful spiritual energy surging wildly into her inner core.

That almost-devastating spiritual energy was so intense that Ji Fengyan nearly completely succumbed to it.


Ji Fengyan discreetly bit down on the tip of her tongue, forcing herself to keep her senses amidst that rampant energy. She quickly withdrew an elixir from her Space Soul Jade and fed a few to the rhinoceros beast.

The animal seemed to realized that Ji Fengyan was trying to save it and did not hesitate or put up a struggle. It opened its mouth and used its tongue to take in the elixirs from her palm.

This movement left some of its saliva on Ji Fengyan’s hand.

A warmth spread throughout her hand as yet another wave of spiritual energy surged into Ji Fengyan.

She felt like crying. This was the first time Ji Fengyan felt so distressed by too much spiritual energy.

To an immortal cultivator like her, always clamoring after more and more spiritual energy, this was her greatest treasure, but now…

She couldn’t give in to the temptation but must quickly heal the wounds of the rhinoceros beast as soon as possible.

Now she knew why Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian would do just about anything to get their hands on the rhinoceros beast. This animal was a living, moving miracle cure.

Capturing it was akin to getting a god-level elixir.

Ji Fengyan forced herself to ignore the strong gusts of spiritual energy. She efficiently applied a series of medicinal powders onto the wounds of the rhinoceros beast.

It was a good thing the medicinal powders proved effective on the beast. The wounds quickly stopped bleeding and started to recover. Tender new flesh grew back over the open wounds.

This time, Ji Fengyan was really giving it her all. She had taken out all the elixirs and medicinal powders meant for her own health and protection.

As she attentively applied medicine on the rhinoceros beast, she was also carefully observing the situation between Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian. Luckily, it was late night and visibility was poor inside the Forest of Freedom. Moreover, both sides were certain that the animal was in no condition to escape. As such, they had placed their entire focus on fighting the opposition, without a single glance at that rhinoceros beast.

The animal laid obediently on the ground, quietly allowing Ji Fengyan to do whatever she wanted.

One human and one beast—going about their own sneaky activities with such audacity under the cover of darkness.

Meanwhile, Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian remained oblivious.

The rhinoceros beast had suffered many wounds, but the most critical ones were at the stomach region. Even with elixirs, the wounds were unlikely to heal so soon.