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Chapter 849: Forest of Freedom (2)

At that, Linghe cleared his throat and patted Meng Fusheng on the shoulder. With a been-there-done-that attitude, he said, “Just listen to her.”

“…” Meng Fusheng was confounded.

Are you still the close comrade of our queen!

She’s going deep into the lion’s den, why are you still letting her have her way!!

If something goes wrong, you must compensate us a queen!

Linghe felt rather helpless in the face of Meng Fusheng’s distress. At the beginning, he had also experienced Meng Fusheng’s present struggle, but… after being with Ji Fengyan for some time, Linghe realized that she was always well-prepared for everything she planned to do. If they went along, not only would they be of no help, they might end up a burden.

Meng Fusheng couldn’t get anyone “on his side” and failed to persuade Ji Fengyan. He could only slump down his shoulders dejectedly.

Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Meng Fusheng’s crestfallen face. She found this previously savage leader rather amusing.

“I will be back soon. If there is any trouble during this period, let Yang Jian handle it.”

Linghe nodded. He was already used to Ji Fengyan’s ways. Nevertheless, he still reminded. “That Xiao Tuanzi…”

Xiao Tuanzi was now fiercely clingy towards Ji Fengyan. It was currently asleep, having been tossed onto the bed by Ji Fengyan. It would raise all kinds of hell if it failed to see Ji Fengyan when it awoke.

Ji Fengyan replied, “Just bring Ge Lang and Xiao Tianquan along to watch over it.”

“…” Linghe felt a sudden pity for that Xiao Tuanzi. It was already utterly terrified of Xiao Tianquan, and now there was another wolf king, Ge Lang…

Linghe could almost imagine what Xiao Tuanzi’s face would look like when it woke up and couldn’t find its beloved “mother”, but was instead faced with two fierce demon wolves.

After Ji Fengyan settled her affairs, she packed up some necessities and drew out a single-handed sword. With a light step, she rose into the sky and flew off without a trace right before the eyes of Meng Fusheng and Linghe.

This was the first time Meng Fusheng witnessed Ji Fengyan’s sword kinesis flight and his jaw fell to the floor. He pointed a trembling finger in the direction of Ji Fengyan’s departure, speechless at what he saw.

“Brother, keep cool.” Linghe patted Meng Fusheng’s shoulder understandingly.

Meng Fusheng just felt… He really couldn’t stay cool!

Ji Fengyan flew with abandon across the Free Valley on her flying sword. From her high vantage point, she could easily survey the entire valley. It must be said that although the Free Valley was a valley, it was extremely vast. The areas controlled by the three powers accounted for just a small part of the valley. A wide expanse of remote territories laid beyond the three cities.


After flying for a while, Ji Fengyan still couldn’t find any trace of the giant soldier god. She had no idea where that thing had gone to.

The Forest of Freedom was situated deep inside the Free Valley, next to a muddy swamp. There were no habitable areas nearby at all. That swamp was like an obvious boundary, completely cutting off the forest from the rest of Free Valley.

After flying for half a day, Ji Fengyan finally reached the airspace above the swamp. Right before her was a vast forest. The trees in that forest grew extremely dense and were taller than your usual trees. From afar, it looked like an unending piece of greenery.

[Mini theatre]

Mou Bei: Have you forgotten someone important?

Little crazy brat: ??

Mou Bei: I have someone called Liu Huo here. Did you lose him.

Little crazy brat: …

Mou Bei: Ai, some people… forgetting poor little Liu Huo after seeing her old flame.

Little crazy brat: I have settled things yet! If you bring Liu Huo over now, he would have to suffer with me!

Mou Bei: Oh…

Little crazy brat: And what old flame. Don’t spout nonsense!

Mou Bei: Hahaha…