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Chapter 847: Zhai Xing Lou (6)

Gong Huiyu smiled as he looked at Gong Zhiyu being tied to the punishment weapons. He glanced at all the punishment tools hung on the wall, then picked a soft whip that had spikes on it and walked in front of Gong Zhiyu.

“Don’t worry, second brother, there is no poison on this whip.”

Gong Zhiyu’s face did not show any expression.

Gong Huiyu said nothing else and raised his hand to flog at Gong Zhiyu’s chest!

With the whip landing on him, Gong Zhiyu’s white clothes were instantly ripped apart by the spikes and the flesh on his fair chest was quickly torn into pieces. On his chest, there was a clear and old scar. That faint scar looked terrifying with the red marks left behind by the whip.

The whipping made even the burly man watching at the side to wince in pain.

Gong Huiyu was the most skilled punisher at Zhai Xing Lou. Anyone who was personally punished by him would experience ten times the usual torture.

But Gong Zhiyu did not have any reaction, as if the whip was not lashing him, and his handsome-looking face seemed as calm as before.

“Second brother really has such high tolerance, this really makes me…” Seeing that there was no reaction from Gong Zhiyu, Gong Huiyu’s face flashed with an evil grin, “… unsatisfied!”

“Father still wants to meet you, be quick,” Gong Zhiyu said calmly. His attitude was an eyesore to Gong Huiyu, causing him to whip him faster and harder, and the whip marks quickly covered Gong Zhiyu’s entire body.

After some time, when Gong Huiyu walked out of the underground prison to Gong Qiang’s room, his body was already covered in traces of blood.

When Gong Qiang saw Gong Huiyu covered in traces of blood in front of him, his lips curled into a smile.

“Yu’er, don’t tell me the blood on you is from your second brother?”

Gong Huiyu looked up and his handsome-looking face was still smiling, “You’re mistaken father, how could I bear to be harsh on second brother.”

Gong Qiang laughed softly and said, “True, you have never known when to be serious. Your second brother has a weak body. I am punishing him just to show others, so you should not let the people at the underground prison really harm him.”

Gong Huiyu lowered his head slightly and hid the indiginance in his eyes. Then, with a smile on his face again, he said, “Father has always doted on second brother, so how could I dare disobey you? Naturally, I would not let others harm second brother.”

Gong Qiang nodded with satisfaction, then continued, “I can be at ease when your second brother deals with all the matters. He may have been too tired from all the work outside this time and handled the matter inadequately. This was originally a matter relating to the Free Valley, so it’s more convenient to hand it over to you to settle.”

“Father is referring to the matter about Fu Guang City?” Gong Huiyu asked with a smile.

“Yes, Fu Guang City has a new City Lord. Your second brother had been too cautious and did not end things with the other party immediately.” Gong Qiang sighed and seemed like he had no choice.

But Gong Huiyu smiled and continued, “second brother had always been this careful, except that he does not know that such a method of handling things is not suitable at the Free Valley. It’s better to be direct when dealing with that bunch of useless people at Fu Guang City. So long as we kill their leader, we can quickly make the other people crumble instantly.”

“It’s your second brother’s strength to be cautious and you should learn from him.” Gong Qiang glanced at Gong Huiyu. Even though he was smiling, his tone was blaming him.

Gong Huiyu’s face froze slightly. “I have been too careless with my words.”

“But you’re not wrong in what you have said. I shall leave the matters about Fu Guang City to you. I hope you don’t disappoint me.” Gong Qiang smiled and said.

Gong Huiyu’s eyes were joyous and he replied, “Don’t worry, father. I will definitely chop off the head of Fu Guang City’s leader and present it to you!”