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Chapter 846: Zhai Xing Lou (5)

Gong Zhiyu nodded his head slightly and walked towards the direction that the burly man had pointed at.

Before he could reach the place, he heard an ear-piercing shriek. He gradually saw a slender figure sitting in a relaxed manner on the rocking chair in the dark underground cell. There was even a ferocious black leopard leaning at his foot.

And on the wall opposite him, a badly mutilated person was hanging upside down and two burly men were using their leather whips to hit the person.

“Young master Gong… I know my mistake… Please just end my life.”

The person who was hanging upside down from the ceiling was covered in red, and the skin all over his body was almost peeling off and fell to the cold ground. Without his skin covering him, his flesh would rip with each hit from the leather whip. To make matters worse, the hooks on the whip had been applied with poison that made people foam at their mouths upon contact.

While his pleading shrieks reverberated in the underground prison that reeked of blood, the person sitting on the rocking chair seemed to be unbothered and only said with a smile, “why do you have to pretend to be pitiful in front of me, Leader Du? You are famous for being tough at Zhai Xing Lou and it has only been one whip, yet you are already pleading for mercy?”

“Young master Gong, I beg you… please…”

The young man on the chair waved his hand in midair. “Leader Du, just cooperate with me and not be a spoilsport. Cut away his tongue.”

The young man’s voice contained a tinge of happiness. His voice was extremely pleasing to the ears, but the words he had said were so cruel that it made people shiver in fear.

Gong Zhiyu watched as the burly man cut away that person’s tongue and threw it to the ground, with the black leopard swallowing it immediately.

Gong Zhiyu frowned slightly, but he quickly kept his abnormal expression and walked towards the cruel young man.

“Hui Yu.”

The young man, who was sitting on the rocking chair, upon hearing his name, immediately turned around. A face that was almost 80 percent similar to Gong Zhiyu’s suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Second brother?” Gong Huiyu immediately stood up when he saw Gong Zhiyu. That highly similar face was less graceful and more evil than that of Gong Zhiyu’s.

“Why are you here?” Gong Huiyu smiled as he looked at Gong Zhiyu. Both of them were twins but because of Gong Zhiyu’s frail body and his responsibility for matters outside the Free Valley, Gong Huiyu had always been at Zhai Xing Lou and in charge of all the punishments there.

“I did not finish father’s assigned task so I am here to receive my punishment.” Gong Zhiyu looked at his younger brother before him and said plainly.

Gong Huiyu’s face flashed with surprise, then he laughed.

“It can’t be. You’re the most capable among us, how could you not be able to finish father’s assigned task?”

Gong Zhiyu did not intend on sharing more with Gong Huiyu and said, “Father asked you to look for him later on.”

“I’ll go right after.” Gong Huiyu smiled, sized up his elder brother and said, “Second brother, do you want me to help you?”

Gong Zhiyu looked at Gong Huiyu and said, “anything.”

Gong Huiyu laughed and replied, “I can’t bear to let other people punish my elder brother, how about I do it myself?”