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Chapter 845: Zhai Xing Lou (4)

Gong Zhiyu clenched his fist secretly, but he did not show any emotions on his face.

“The situation changed, so I wanted to settle it only after consulting father.”

“Oh?” Gong Qiang smiled even more widely. He looked at Gong Zhiyu, who was kneeling in front of him in a docile manner, and lifted his hand that was still dripping with blood. He lifted Gong Zhiyu’s head and his smiling gaze glanced over Gong Zhiyu’s handsome and kind-looking face. “Yu’er you have collected many things for father from outside these few years. It must have been hard on you, having to travel all over the place?”

“My life was given by father so I should do anything that you want me to.” Gong Zhiyu sounded monotonous and his emotionless eyes met with Gong Qiang’s eyes.

Gong Qiang laughed softly, “You are so well-behaved. You have really not disappointed the love I have given you.”

Gong Zhiyu lowered his gaze.

The hand that Gong Qiang placed on Gong Zhiyu’s chin suddenly applied strength. “But your father is also in a difficult position. You should be clear about the rules at Zhai Xing Lou. Even though your father has doted on you all this time, but you have failed to meet my expectations today. If I do not punish you enough, your siblings may be dissatisfied and think that I was biased.”

Gong Zhiyu said without any facial expression, “It’s my fault so I should receive a punishment.”

Gong Qiang smiled with satisfaction. “It’s fine so long as you know your father’s effort.”

Then, he let go off this hand but it had already left a purple mark on Gong Zhiyu’s chin.

“Then you should go receive your punishment. Your father can’t bear to watch you being punished with my own eyes. After all, I will feel heartbroken from seeing you being hit.” Gong Qiang straightened his back slightly and looked at Gong Zhiyu with a smile. The disappointment in his tone was filled with hopelessness.


Gong Zhiyu felt nothing and stood there numbly. After bowing to Gong Qiang, he left the room directly. Before leaving, he glanced at the young girl who had a dying and hopeless gaze laying on the table as she pleaded with all her energy.

But it was only a quick glance. Soon, he looked away and exited from the room silently.

The instant he was about to close the room door, Gong Qiang started to speak again, “Bring your third brother here.”

Gong Zhiyu’s hands that were closing the door trembled slightly, and he took a deep breath to compose himself. After he responded, he left the hell that was filled with the stench of blood.

He crossed the main building of Zhai Xing Lou and walked towards a house behind the main building. A staircase leading down appeared before his eyes and he took it down. In the darkness, the blood stench was even stronger. The groan was soft and resounded in the darkness along with the sound of their footsteps.

At the end of the stairs, there was a huge underground prison in front of Gong Zhiyu. Under the light of the torch, there were many execution weapons hung on the walls. A strong burly man appeared with his naked upper body and he was wearing a leather helmet. When Gong Zhiyu appeared, all the burly men immediately stopped their actions and walked in front of Gong Zhiyu respectfully.

“Second young master, you’re here?”

Gong Zhiyu nodded and he glanced at all the bloody people who were tied to the execution weapons. “Where is Hui Yu?”

“The third young master? He is giving punishment to the offenders.” As he spoke, a burly man pointed at the deeper regions of the underground prison.