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Chapter 844: Zhai Xing Lou (3)

Gong Qiang’s tone was still amicable, as if he was not blaming at all and was only asking.

Gong Zhiyu’s eyes stared at the ground and his face was expressionless. “There is a new person controlling Fu Guang City.”

“A new person?” Gong Qiang’s brows were raised slightly and he turned his eyes nonchalantly to the woman who was laying on the table half-dead. He lifted his head and wiped the tears off the woman’s eyes gently, and he spoke slowly in a gentle voice.

“Meng Fusheng had always been watching Fu Guang City closely. How could he allow the city to fall into the hands of another person? Yu’er, who is it? Who is capable enough to take Fu Guang City away from Meng Fusheng?”

Gong Zhiyu replied, “It’s a young girl. She seemed unfamiliar and should have only arrived at the Free Valley not long ago.”

“A young girl?” Gong Qiang’s eyes lit up. He looked at the young girl, whose pretty face had become distorted from fear, in front of him, and he stroked her smooth cheeks.

“Do you know her background?”

“I don’t know. The people at Fu Guang City had kept her identity well-hidden. Even though I met her once today, I still don’t know her identity,” Gong Zhiyu said emotionlessly.

Just that day alone, Ji Fengyan did not mention her name at all.

And more importantly, Gong Zhiyu did not ask.

Gong Qiang stood there saying nothing and looked at the weak young girl before him, with no one knowing his thoughts. After a while, he then said slowly, “So you did not teach the Blood Tribe a lesson just because of the new person controlling Fu Guang City?”

“Yes.” Gong Zhiyu replied, “The person who can make Meng Fusheng hand over Fu Guang City is definitely not weak. When we went to Fu Guang City today, Meng Fusheng had been extremely respectful to that young girl during the whole time and his men all took orders from her, so… I did not act rashly and wanted to await father’s further instructions.”

Gong Qiang laughed. He looked up at Gong Zhiyu. “Yu’er has been really thoughtful and know to share troubles with your father.”

Gong Zhiyu said nothing and continued to kneel motionlessly in front of Gong Qiang.

Gong Qiang said, “Since there has been a change in ownership of Fu Guang City, then I shall forgo the past grudge with the Blood Tribe. Since Meng Fusheng had submitted to another person, then I shall forget about the matter about the Forest of Freedom.”

Gong Zhiyu frowned secretly. After some hesitation, he said, “The new owner of Fu Guang City also wants the Forest of Freedom.”

After Gong Zhiyu said that, the smile on Gong Qiang’s face faded. But he quickly laughed and said, “She wants the Forest of Freedom?”


Gong Qiang shook his head and laughed uncontrollably.

“Fu Guang City is really a troublesome place. A bunch of useless people gathering together, and yet they want to stir up trouble. They really don’t know how precious life is.” As Gong Qiang said that, his dagger made an incision on the young girl’s arm and a glaring wound instantly appeared.

“Yu’er, since you know that this is the new City Lord’s plan, why did not end things then?” Gong Qiang narrowed his eyes. His eyes were still smiling, but the coldness underneath it made people’s hair stand.