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Chapter 843: Zhai Xing Lou (2)

Ji Fengyan knew what Linghe wanted to say, and she only shook her head.

“It’s the best choice for Gong Zhiyu to pretend to not know me, otherwise it may not benefit either of us.”

If anyone knew that the person with authority over Fu Guang City knew the young master of Zhai Xing Lou, not only would the people from Fu Guang City suspect Ji Fengyan, it would also be difficult for Gong Zhiyu to explain himself.


Ji Fengyan could still sense acutely that Gong Zhiyu had expressed his kindness by choosing to leave first.

Otherwise, with Zhai Xing Lou’s attitude that day, they would probably not let matters rest unless there was a battle.

On the other side, Gong Zhiyu led the people of Zhai Xing Lou back.

It was a place different from Fu Guang City. The city that Zhai Xing Lou was in was much wider and the people wore brighter clothes in the city. However, if someone were to look carefully, they would notice that all the residents at Zhai Xing Lou had an unusual ash grey complexion.

Gong Zhiyu alighted from his horse carriage and walked into the main building of Zhai Xing Lou. The guards immediately got on one knee upon seeing Gong Zhiyu to display their utmost respect.

Gong Zhiyu hurried to a huge door and pushed it open.

When the door was opened, a strong blood stench filled one’s nose.

The sight inside differed greatly from the majestic look in Zhai Xing Lou as it was covered in blood red.

A tall and handsome-looking young man was standing in front of a long table. A young girl with her stomach dissected open was laying on the table covered with a white cloth. Her innards were dug out and steel rings secured her limbs to the table. What was even more frightening was that the young girl was actually not dead. Her sheet white face was still in horror and helplessness, while dried up tears could still be seen at the corner of her eyes.

When Gong Zhiyu saw this sight before him, his eyes darkened.

The young man who was holding onto a sharp dagger looked up at Gong Zhiyu, who was standing outside the door. His handsome-looking face suddenly formed a bright smile.

“Yu’er? You’re back.”

Gong Zhiyu kept his gaze and walked into the room in a well-behaved manner. He knelt on one knee in front of the young man and said in a deep voice, “I have yet to accomplish the task that father has assigned me today. Please punish me, father.”

No one could believe that this young man standing in front of Gong Zhiyu was actually the owner of Zhai Xing Lou Gong Qiang!

Gong Zhiyu was already over 50-year-old that year but judging from his looks and figure, he seemed to be only 26 or 27-year-old and almost as old as Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Qiang’s face had a faint smile when he looked at his son, who was kneeling in front of himself and seeking his punishment. The corner of his eyes was slightly raised to form a smile.

“Yu’er, what do you mean?”

Gong Zhiyu did not look up and only replied seriously, “I could not accomplish the task at Fu Guang City that you have assigned me.”

“Oh?” Gong Qiang raised his brows slightly and his smile was still on his face. “Yu’er, you have never failed me. Only the Blood Tribe had some decent battling powers at Fu Guang City, but they are only that powerful. Even their leader Meng Fusheng is not match, so how could you have failed?”