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Chapter 842: Zhai Xing Lou (1)

Using a person’s life for gold cultivation?

Xi Sinong, whom Ji Fengyan had rescued by chance, was a genius gold cultivator. Even though his legs could not walk, he was amazingly talented in his gold cultivation skills. And Ji Fengyan knew some facts about gold cultivation because of him.

Gold cultivation in this world mostly required non-living ingredients such as ore materials to produce something new. The quality of the product would in turn depend on the ingredients and the level of the gold cultivation skills used.

But she had never heard of any gold cultivator using someone’s life for gold cultivation.

Seeing that Ji Fengyan was taken by surprise, Meng Fusheng continued, “Gong Qiang was the first gold cultivator from the Kingdom of Gui Suo and was highly reputable in the other kingdoms. His gold cultivation skills were beyond that of everyone’s and he could even make the miracle of a person’s revival possible. As such, he was highly regarded by the King of Gui Suo Kingdom. However, it was found out later on that his powerful gold cultivation products were all made by sacrificing lives. He even had a terrifying gold cultivation room underground that contained many corpses and different organs…”

It was forbidden for any gold cultivator to use other humans for experiment but Gong Qiang’s actions had completely disobeyed the rules of gold cultivation. The Association of Gold cultivators confronted him. However, because of his importance to the King of Gui Suo Kingdom, he was forcibly pardoned by the association.

But eventually, Gong Qiang committed an offence that even the Kingdom of Gui Suo could not tolerate any longer.

He sacrificed an entire city, costing up to ten over thousands lives. With such a huge loss, despite him having strong gold cultivation skills, the King of Gui Suo Kingdom could no longer protect him and ultimately gave the command to kill him. But Gong Qiang received the news early and made use of his gold cultivation skills to escape from the Kingdom of Gui Suo.

Afterwards, Gong Qiang escaped to the Free Valley. Initially, he had only brought a few young children along with him, but after less than half a year, he quickly became one of the strong powers and set up Zhai Xing Lou.

If not because they had left the Blood Tribe with no other choice, Meng Fusheng would not dare to create trouble for such a vicious gold cultivator like Gong Qiang.

And now that they had Ji Fengyan on their side, Meng Fusheng could be more confident.

Ji Fengyan listened carefully to everything about Gong Qiang, and her eyes flashed with understanding.

No wonder Gong Zhiyu had brought his group of merchants to different locations to gather rare ores. Those ores must be to provide for Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation.

Ji Fengyan thought for a while before saying, “That Gong Zhiyu is really Gong Qiang’s son?”

Meng Fusheng did not sense anything wrong and answered truthfully, “How could it be wrong? Gong Zhiyu was personally brought into the Free Valley by Gong Qiang and for all these years, he was also the one who was most doted on.”

Ji Fengyan did not say anything else and only instructed Meng Fusheng and the rest to return to the city, whereas she stood outside the gates of Fu Guang City in deep thoughts.

After everyone left, Linghe then spoke, “Miss, Young master Gong does not seem to be an evil person. He had purposely pretended to not know you, is it because…”