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Chapter 832: Giant Soldier God (3)

That tiny empty space at the tip of the crystal core filled up rapidly and was full again in an instant.

The surrounding winds disappeared the moment that crystal core finished replenishing.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes brightened.

“Miss, what is that?” Linghe leaned forward for a closer look.

Ji Fengyan jumped off the giant soldier god and patted its body to have it close up its chest. She then answered, “Taiji jade.”

“Taiji jade?” Linghe looked confused. He had never heard of this before.

The Taiji jade was a piece of jade left behind by Ji Fengyan’s masters. It could absorb the essences of heaven and earth—immortal cultivators could use it during the early stages of the cultivation of their inner cores. This would help them in absorbing the energy produced by all living creatures. But following the stabilization of their inner cores, the Taiji jade would not have that much of an effect anymore. For someone at Ji Fengyan’s stage, the Taiji jade was already completely useless. Although Linghe and gang had just started cultivating, they were already too old and the Taiji jade would also be ineffective for them. Ji Fengyan had just been holding on to this item without any real use for it.

Only after discovering the giant soldier god’s crystal core did Ji Fengyan remember the existence of the Taiji jade.

Embedding the Taiji jade into the giant soldier god would allow it to absorb the energies swirling between heaven and earth. There was no longer a need to have someone perform a transfer, making it perfectly self-sustaining.

Ji Fengyan provided Linghe and gang a brief explanation, but they remained perplexed.

“And what is an inner core?”

Ji Fengyan was speechless. She looked at Linghe and company. “When you were fighting, did you not feel anything special happening inside your bodies?”

Linghe scratched his head before suddenly recalling that he had felt a warmth inside his lower abdomen during the battles. That warmth had gradually traveled throughout his entire body as the fights progressed, boosting his combat prowess.

“Don’t tell me that the warmth we felt was because of this inner core?”

Ji Fengyan nodded.

“You all have only started cultivating, so you need to practice more before you’ll be able to clearly feel its presence.”

At Linghe and gang’s advanced ages, they had already bypassed the optimum period for cultivation. Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan didn’t expect them to attain immortal ascension. Cultivation would still enable them to strengthen their bodies and boost their combat powers.

Ji Fengyan was very casual about it—but Linghe and gang realized that Ji Fengyan’s tremendous powers were derived from the cultivation of that “inner core”. This created quite a bit of excitement for them.

Thinking of Ji Fengyan’s extraordinary combat powers, the men rallied and hurriedly rushed off to cultivate after taking their leave of Ji Fengyan. They did not expect to be as mighty as Ji Fengyan but hoped that by cultivating this inner core, they could still hold get some pretty cool powers.

Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at their sudden spirited reactions. This bunch of guys had been so lax when she had first urged them to cultivate—now they finally realized the benefits?

After Linghe and gang left, only Ji Fengyan and the giant soldier god were left in the yard. She raised her head to look at the fearsome giant soldier god standing behind her, curiosity rising in her heart.