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Chapter 827: Armed Suppression (1)

Many people opened their shops with rejoicing. However, within two days, not only had they not earned any money, they had been robbed. Their houses full of items had been completely emptied. They immediately cried until they were almost blind.

The group of people who had sustained heavy losses immediately went to Ji Fengyan’s residence. Crying and wailing, they begged Ji Fengyan to uphold justice.

Ji Fengyan, “…”

Linghe stood nearby, looking at the groups of people who kneeling everywhere, weeping copiously. Then he glanced at the gloomy-looking Ji Fengyan and secretly drew a deep breath.

“Previously, only Blood Tribe members could run the shops within the city. They were the boss here, and no one dared to provoke them, much harbor designs on their shops. But now, the shops are open to all. Also, those who set up the shops are mostly without powerful fighting skills, so…” Linghe spoke tactfully.

Most of the wanted criminals preferred leisure to labor. Also, the more powerful they were, the more they disdained earning a living. Those who had opened shops within the city were mostly craftsmen, who had been forced into desperate straits by their enemies. They had skills, but did not have sufficient fighting strength to protect their goods, and were robbed by people harboring ill intentions.

Within the Free Valley, this situation was understandable. After all, most of the people here were not good people.


When Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan’s expression, he silently wiped away his tears on behalf of this bunch of idiots. He looked over at the group of complaining people and said, “Did you see what those people looked like?”

The group of people all shook their heads.

The thieves had struck under the cover of night. Those who had carried out their robberies openly also had not been stupid. They had masked their faces during the robbery, so that none of the victims would know what they looked like.

Linghe’s head also ached. Without knowing who was responsible, it would not be easy to deal with this matter.


Ji Fengyan suddenly arose from her chair. She gestured at Linghe and said, “Go summon everyone in the city to meet at the square.”

Linghe was slightly taken aback, but immediately followed orders.

The giant soldier god that had been awakened by Ji Fengyan was still standing in the square of Fu Guang City. It occasionally looked at the groups of people walking by.

Soon after Ji Fengyan reached the square, the residents of Fu Guang City arrived in response to the summons. The group of people who had been robbed stood sadly next to Ji Fengyan.

The residents who had been summoned whispered among themselves. Some of them suspected why Ji Fengyan had summoned them.

Meng Fusheng also hurried over. When he saw Ji Fengyan making such a big move, he could not help but move closer out of curiosity.

“What’s going on?”

Ji Fengyan did not reply, but Linghe recounted the day’s events. When Meng Fusheng had finished listening, his expression was said “I knew it”. He was clearly used to the situation in Fu Guang City.

“It can’t be helped. It is difficult for ordinary people to open a shop in Fu Guang City. The people here are not good. Since the other person’s appearance is unknown, it will be difficult to determine who was responsible.” Meng Fusheng spoke carefully, his eyes involuntarily going towards Ji Fengyan.

He admitted that Ji Fengyan was very powerful, and very mysterious, but…

Governing a city, and a city filled with evil, would not be as easy as she thought.

He wanted to see how Ji Fengyan would deal with these difficult matters in Fu Guang City, and how she would suppress these evil-doers.