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Chapter 822: Yes, My Queen (2)

The appearance of the giant soldier god had the whole Blood Tribe dumbstruck. They forgot to attack and just stood there in a daze, staring in fear at that massive thing.

Ji Fengyan stood upon the shoulder of the giant soldier god, looking down at the chaotic battleground. She looked over every single member of the Blood Tribe before letting her gaze land on Ge Lang.

She smirked.

“Teach this little wolf pup a lesson.”

Her amused voice wafted into the ear of the giant soldier god. Those hard eyes slowly shifted downwards to that “tiny” wolf king.

“Yes, my queen.”

As it watched the giant soldier god raise its palm, Ge Lang never felt so threatened before in its life and it suddenly emitted a wrathful howl. The muscles all over its body tensed up as Ge Lang bared its sharp fangs and glared unwavering at that giant soldier god.


The giant soldier god waved its palm across and slapped that ferocious wolf king.

The three-meter tall Ge Lang was instantly thrown across the sky, its huge body flying out of Fu Guang City…

It had killed a mighty wolf king by just one simple hand movement.

That stupendous level of battle power had everyone in the Blood Tribe sinking deep down into the pits of despair.

Meng Fusheng’s face had already turned a sickly white. He gaped at that enormous giant soldier god, as a never-felt-before sense of helplessness and despondency engulfed him.

He was defenseless.

Meng Fusheng took a step back as he looked up at that beaming young girl upon the shoulder of the giant soldier god. He was already drenched in cold sweat.

What kind of monster had they provoked…

The entire Blood Tribe had already lost their drive to fight the moment that giant soldier god appeared.

How could they fight such a battle?

Just that one giant soldier god was enough to annihilate all of them. No need for anyone else to even move.

To this day, no one had found out what material the giant soldier god was made of. They only knew that this was a monster that was immune to sorcery.

Any sorcery-based attack was completely useless against a giant soldier god. They were naturally resistant towards all types of sorcery. Even a barrage of sacred-level sorcery would not result in the slightest bit of damage.

Meanwhile, its hard body could withstand the attacks of any swordsmen or archers.

It was a killing machine which possessed an invulnerable defense!

In the face of absolute power, even the savage Blood Tribe felt a deep sense of despair.

They numbered in the hundreds, which would not even be enough for that giant soldier god to kill.

After getting rid of Ge Lang, the giant soldier god didn’t make another move. It appeared to be waiting for its next orders from Ji Fengyan. Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan was just grinning at that ashen-faced Meng Fusheng. She casually called out.

“Meng Fusheng, do you still want to fight?”

Meng Fusheng’s heart gave a violent jump. His back was already drenched in cold sweat.

At this moment, he no longer held any of his earlier arrogance. His pale face looked as if it was on the brink of tears.

“Not fighting anymore… not fighting anymore… your fists are hard, your fists are the hardest.” He who understood the times was a wise man. Meng Fusheng forced a smile.

You must be joking. You have already summoned a giant soldier god, how on earth am I supposed to fight you?

Do you think I have a death wish?