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Chapter 821: Yes, My Queen (1)

No one expected that they could witness the resurrection of a giant soldier god.

Following the tremendous shock wave, the layer of dirt accumulated on the giant soldier god over all those years started to crack. Ji Fengyan activated a shield to block off the bits and pieces of dirt crumbling down. She grinned at that giant soldier god.

A deep voice resonated across the crowd. Under the incredulous gaze of the masses, the giant soldier god struggled free of the wall’s restraint and slowly bent down. With one huge palm, it picked up Ji Fengyan and placed her on its shoulder.

“Your wish is my command, my queen.” The giant soldier god spoke in a low voice.


Ji Fengyan couldn’t help smiling at the giant soldier god’s address of her.

It felt pretty good.

The awakening of the giant soldier god shook everyone to the core.

Meng Fusheng, who had planned to use Ge Lang to regain the upper hand, had his mind completely blown by the resurrection of the giant soldier god.

How could that be?

How was it possible!

This young girl had activated the giant soldier god all on her own?!

Meng Fusheng was scared stiff by the giant soldier god before him. The power displayed by the giant soldier god in the past was enough to destroy the entire world. Although it had been activated for only a few minutes, the legends regarding the giant soldier gods had been passed down to them.


Apart from the few major nations, no other power had ten master sorcerers able to attempt the activation.

The resurrection of the giant soldier god was enough to completely drain the life forces of ten master sorcerers—but Ji Fengyan alone had brought it to life. And… What was even more unbelievable was the fact that Ji Fengyan was still grinning and didn’t look the least bit tired or worn. She displayed no sign of having her energy depleted!


Completely doomed.

Meng Fusheng’s face turned ashen in that instant. His legs trembled as he gazed upon the towering giant soldier god, who was even taller than the walls of Fu Guang City.

The three-meter tall Ge Lang was like a tiny puppy before the giant soldier god.

The onlookers were all in a daze. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Giant soldier god?

Was it really that giant soldier god?

That massive thing, which they had regarded as just a statue and ornament in their daily lives, had actually been brought to life!

The already terrified Xu Lao, who had to be supported by the Poison King and the burly man during the battle, nearly stopped breathing when he looked up at that gargantuan giant soldier god.

“Giant… giant soldier god…” Xu Lao’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He felt that he must have gone insane. Otherwise, how could that giant soldier god be moving?

“Xu Lao, I had said that you don’t need to worry at all. This Ji girl is very powerful.” The Poison King looked up at the giant soldier god without the slightest bit of amazement.

It should be known that they had already become accustomed to Ji Fengyan’s god-like abilities. During that earlier battle in the capital city, she had been able to bring to life all those statues.

In comparison, activating just one giant soldier god…

Was not so astounding.

Shock after shock—they had already gotten used to it.

Xu Lao trembled all over. He clutched tightly to the Poison King’s arm, his face full of agitation and awe. His cracked lips opened and closed as if he wanted to say something, but had already lost his voice in fright by the scene before him.