The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 820 - Wake Up, My Knight

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Chapter 820: Wake up, my knight (4)

Yang Jian immediately blocked in front of Ji Fengyan and was about to defend against Ge Lang’s attack.


A grin formed on Ji Fengyan’s face suddenly as she looked up at the tall giant soldier god with her eyes smiling widely.

“Wake up, my knight.”

A soft voice came from Ji Fengyan’s mouth. Just at the instant Ge Lang lunged at her, the ground in Fu Guang City suddenly shook violently!

This sudden quake made everyone’s faces change.

An uneasy feeling creeped up their minds.

As the cracking sound reached their eyes, everyone looked up to see…

The giant soldier god that had been asleep for thousand years had actually opened its eyes at this instant. Its huge body moved, causing the quake to continue!

How could that be?

No one could believe their eyes.

The giant soldier god was moving?

It had actually moved!

The rumour about the giant soldier god had already spread to every corner of the Free Valley.

Even before the Free Valley was discovered by the current residents, there were other kingdoms that had found this piece of land and had tried to awaken the giant soldier god. As a matter of fact, they succeeded.


The price for awakening the giant soldier god was heavy.

The power of the giant soldier god came from the crystal core within its body. To awaken the giant soldier god, one needed to use a huge crystal core to transfer energy into the depleted crystal core in its body.

Previously, a powerful kingdom had conducted an experiment. They gathered all the sorcerers, including ten strong master sorcerers, from the entire kingdom and made the sorcerers transfer their magical powers into the crystal core of the giant soldier god.

But the result…

Was something they could not handle.

The amount of magical powers required to awaken the giant soldier god needed at least hundred over sorcerers with grades higher than a sorcery tutor. They had to transfer all their magical powers into the crystal core and this will cause them to deplete all their dharmic powers. Their life would also end along with the depletion of the dharmic powers. The army that tried to awaken the giant soldier god fulfilled their wishes, but the result made them lose hope of using the giant soldier god to fight.

During that time that they had awakened the giant soldier god, they had used up all the magical powers of ten master sorcerers. With the huge drain on their magical powers, those ten master sorcerers eventually died at the foot of the giant soldier god, and the other hundred sorcerers had almost lost their lives from using up all their powers.

What was more frightening was that once a sorcerer started to transfer his powers to the crystal core of the giant soldier god, he could not stop. The crystal core would automatically continue with transferring the magical powers. Unless the sorcerer’s powers were completely depleted, they could not stop the transfer.

Yet the giant soldier god was only awakened for a short period. Before it could even walk out of the Free Valley, the energy in the crystal core was already depleted.

Such an outcome ended all the kingdom’s intention to make use of the giant soldier god for battle.

After all, no one was willing to use ten master sorcerers’ lives to exchange for a few minutes of the giant soldier gods fighting.

Even though the giant soldier god was strong, the sacrifice was not worth the result. As such, the kingdoms gave up on the development of the Free Valley and its control was eventually in the hands of the Blood Tribe. After entering the Free Valley, the Blood Tribe found the tactical formation hidden in the Free Valley and would activate it once any army tried to attack them.