The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 819 - Wake Up, My Knight

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Chapter 819: Wake up, my knight (3)

Meng Fusheng squinted his eyes when he saw Xiao Tianquan jumping forward to howl. His eyes flashed with a look of indifference as he waved his hand in the air, “Release Ge Lang.”

The members who were holding on tightly to the iron chains immediately let go and retreated to the furthest distance possible immediately.

Ge Lang gave an ear-piercing growl after they released it from its shackles. It took a step forward with its thick and muscular claws, with its eyes still on Xiao Tianquan, the one that had dared to confront it.

Ge Lang was the King among the night demonic wolves. Even though it was tamed by the Blood Tribe, its natural instincts still did not change.

A Wolf King would allow no one to challenge its position. If any night demonic wolf dared to show its wolf fangs, it would shred the other party into pieces with no hesitation.

“Xiao Tianquan, come back!” Linghe and the others watched as Xiao Tianquan actually blocked the Wolf King’s path on its own. They could only feel their heart thump loudly inside.

How could an adolescent demonic wolf fight against a wolf king?

Xiao Tianquan did not bother about the shouts around it and prepared to go into an attacking pose. It exposed its sharp wolf fangs, indicating its obvious intention to launch an attack on Ge Lang.

Ge Lang was unbothered by this “little brat” that did not know better. Suddenly, it extended its strong four limbs and pounced at Xiao Tianquan, who had blocked its way.

Xiao Tianquan immediately jumped up and was ready to fight head on with Ge Lang.


A white figure suddenly zoomed past in front of them and knocked Xiao Tianquan, who was jumping in mid air towards Ge Lang, out of the way!

Xiao Tianquan rolled to the side from the sudden collision and quickly recovered itself. It was ready to attack its attacker, but…

Bai Ze, with its glistening body, was standing in front of Xiao Tianquan on its snow white hooves. When it lifted its deer head, it gave Xiao Tianquan a stare.

“Wu…” Xiao Tianquan immediately withdrew its attacking stance. It looked at Bai Ze, who had suddenly bumped itself away, with a complicated look, obviously in confusion.

Ge Lang missed its hit and turned quickly to Xiao Tianquan at the side and gave out another loud roar.

Xiao Tianquan was instantly on its guards and readied itself for battle. In the end…

Bai Ze lowered its head and forced Xiao Tianquan out of the battle site using its glowing deer horns.

At this sight, Linghe and the rest suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

Xiao Tianquan was young and hot-blooded as it wanted to fight head on with the Wolf King. Fortunately, Bai Ze was smart enough to save that little fellow’s life.


If that foolish Xiao Tianquan were to really fight with the Wolf King, it would most likely be half-dead even if it did not die.

Xiao Tianquan did not understand the drastic difference in powers between itself and the Wolf King and wanted to move forward. However, Bai Ze used its horns to lift Xiao Tianquan onto its back. Without giving Xiao Tianquan any chance to retaliate, it ran out of the battle zone quickly.

“Howl howl howl howl!” Xiao Tianquan’s howl was filled with resistance.

Meng Fusheng’s gaze darkened. He was not interested in those two beasts. His only target was Ji Fengyan!

“Ge Lang, go and rip that girl into pieces!” Meng Fusheng hollered and pointed in Ji Fengyan’s direction.

As if it had understood Meng Fusheng’s intentions, Ge Lang immediately gave up on its pursuit for Xiao Tianquan. Then it turned to look at Ji Fengyan, who was standing at the foot of the giant soldier gods. Its wolf eyes were filled with desire to kill and bloodshed. After locking its gaze on its target, it immediately charged towards Ji Fengyan!