The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 818 - Wake Up, My Knight

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Chapter 818: Wake Up, My Knight (2)

No one knew what Ji Fengyan would do and only watched as she stood motionless at the foot of the giant soldier gods. The people from the Blood Tribe tried to bring her down many times but with Yang Jian standing behind her and blocking everyone with his three pointed, double-edged sword, so long as anyone got close, they would be slaughtered on the spot. Fresh blood stained his armour and the cold dazzling glare from the sword made everyone afraid to take another step closer.

Meng Fusheng’s face darkened. Even in his dreams, he had not imagined that he would meet such a troublesome target at Fu Guang City. Despite having only ten over people, they had suppressed the hundred over people from the Blood Tribe so much that they could not even breathe.

Seeing the situation stalling, Meng Fusheng could not hold in any longer. He grabbed one member of the Blood Tribe and said, “Go and bring Ge Lang here.”

That tribe member was a little stunned, but quickly nodded and called ten other tribe members before running into the palace in a hurried manner.

Meng Fusheng stared at the battlefield with a malicious gaze, with his fists clenched tightly at the side of his body.

Linghe and the rest fought with more courage. During the battle, they could faintly feel a warmth in their lower stomach providing them with an endless supply of energy and spreading to other parts of their body.

Just when Linghe and the rest had pinned the Blood Tribe members to the ground and were about to hit them, they heard a ground shattering roar throughout the entire Fu Guang City.

Everyone immediately turned to look in the direction of the source of the roar. Ten Blood Tribe members were holding onto thick iron chains and trying with all their might to drag out a huge ferocious wolf from the palace.

That ferocious wolf was taller than three meters and was covered in black fur. Its pair of brown eyes was filled with a hideous desire to kill and its growl exposed its sharp teeth, causing people to shiver in fear.

“It’s Ge Lang!” The bystanders could feel their hair standing upon seeing that huge wolf.

Meng Fusheng’s lips also formed a huge grin at this moment.

Ge Lang was the Wolf King of the night demonic wolves. It had been heavily injured while battling with other ferocious beasts and was discovered by Meng Fusheng. By making use of the time that it was injured, Meng Fusheng consumed a lot of energy to capture Ge Lang and used three years to subdue it.

During that time when the Blood Tribe forcibly captured Ge Lang, it had caused over hundred lives. The only two sorcery tutors that the Blood Tribe had were also heavily injured and had almost lost their lives.

The capture was also only possible because Ge Lang was heavily injured. In the situation that Ge Lang was uninjured, even if the Blood Tribe had sacrificed everyone, it was unlikely for them to succeed in their capture.

The residents of the Fu Guang City all knew that Ge Lang was the Blood Tribe’s blue chip. Ge Lang had extremely mighty battling abilities and made people tremble in fear just by hearing its name. Also, because of Ge Lang, the Blood Tribe was then able to stabilise its control as one of the three strongest at the Free Valley, without anyone daring to come near.

When everyone saw Ge Lang being dragged out, they could already predict the outcome of the battle.

How could an ordinary person be a match for Ge Lang?

This battle was bound to end soon.

Linghe and the rest noticed the huge Wolf King. Even though it was also a night demonic wolf, Xiao Tianquan had not grown fully before it was caught and could only be considered at its adolescent stage. Its height was already slightly more than one meter, but compared to the three meter tall Ge Lang, Xiao Tianquan was significantly smaller.

“Growl!” Xiao Tianquan scurried out from the chaotic battle and gave a howl when it saw that tall night demonic wolf.