The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 817 - Wake Up, My Knight

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Chapter 817: Wake Up, My Knight (1)

If not because they had seen for themselves, who would have believed that the domineering and ferocious Blood Tribe would be forced to retreat by just a mere ten over people?

Even though the Blood Tribe had outnumbered them, the situation before them was still siding them. Linghe and the rest continued to fight valiantly, and the people whom they had killed had already piled as high as a mountain. It covered them in their opponents’ blood and unharmed.

Everyone was beyond shock. All of them, who had been complacent about themselves on normal days, could feel fear rising within themselves.

When faced with the strong and powerful Blood Tribe, they could still use the number of people they had as an excuse to cover up their fear of battle.


After seeing the battling capabilities of Linghe and the others, they did not dare to boast about themselves anymore.

It was easy to imagine how brutal the killing was at that moment.

The Blood Tribe did not lack high-grade sorcerers. These sorcerers were all powerful, and any high-level demons would groan in pain, no matter how thick and tough their skin were. However, under the dense attack launched by the Blood Tribe, Linghe and the other ten people could still move as quickly as lightning and dodge them all, letting no spells to harm them.

And once Linghe and the rest found the location of the high-grade sorcerers, it would spell real trouble to them.

The sorcerers could not even make their escape as they watched the figures, that were just like the God of Death, appearing before themselves and cleaved them into half.

One of the archer under Linghe had the fastest speed among everyone else. He was so fast that no one in the Blood Tribe could keep up with him. What was even more frightening was that while he was running at breakneck speed, he did not stop releasing arrows from his bow. The arrows that carried a strong spiritual energy all flew directly past everyone else towards the sorcerers, who had been hiding in the crowd to cast the spells.

With each arrow released, a life was taken and none of the arrows wasted!

There was no chance for the sorcerers to hide at all.

Everyone in Fu Guang City watched in trepidation as what they had seen with their own eyes was already beyond their imagination of how powerful one could be.

A swordsman actually had a speed faster than an archer.

An archer’s arrows could actually suppress a sorcerer!

Their knowledge of the world had been overturned completely.

While everyone was flabbergasted, they suddenly realised that a slender figure had already walked to the foot of the giant soldier gods.

What was she going to do?

It confused everyone. After they had witnessed the explosive battling abilities of Linghe and the rest, almost everyone was filled with curiosity about Ji Fengyan, the one who had led such an army of monsters.

Up till now, Ji Fengyan still had not used any moves. Everyone was interested to find out what powers such a seemingly fragile young girl would have that would allow her to lead this army that was even more terrifying than the Demon Clan.

Ji Fengyan was not the least bothered by everyone’s gazes. She slowly walked to the foot of the giant soldier gods and lifted her head. When she looked at the huge and mighty statue, she placed her fair and smooth little hands slowly on the cold and hard leg of the giant soldier gods.

How powerful would the godly soldiers left behind by the Ancient tribe be?

Ji Fengyan’s vital energy was transmitted from her palms to the giant soldier god’s body through its legs.


Ji Fengyan’s vital energy sensed a depleted energy core within the body of the giant soldier god. Her lips curled into a slight smile and she made use of her inner core to transfer more vital energy into that energy core.