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Chapter 816: Rebirth (3)

Meng Fusheng’s expression was ugly. The opponent he had thought to defeat easily had now terrified him.

Meng Fusheng had some confidence in his subordinates’ abilities. Otherwise, he would not have firmly held the position of leader in Fu Guang City for so long.

But the situation before him seemed to be entirely beyond Meng Fusheng’s expectations.

Linghe and the others who had previously been openly robbed, but who had seemed too weak and timid to retaliate, now seemed to have changed completely. Each of them had been transformed into an invincible killing machine. They comfortably retained the upper hand despite being surrounded by five or six opponents. The members of the Blood Tribe did not even have the ability to hurt them, much less capture them.

Their speed far exceeded that of the Blood Tribe members. They attacked with the speed of lightning, and no one was able to see them clearly.


What shocked Meng Fusheng the most was the armored man standing in front of Ji Fengyan.

Tall and imposing, the weapon in his hand was so strange that Meng Fusheng had never seen it before. However, it was so powerful that when Meng Fusheng looked at it, chills ran down his spine.

Who had ever witnessed such a strange monster which could single-handedly repel a hundred enemies without being defeated?

This was such a man.

No matter what angle the Blood Tribe used to attack Ji Fengyan, Yang Jian’s figure would appear like a ghost. Before the opponent had even advanced half a step towards Ji Fengyan, he would be cut to the ground.

Further, every single blow was a fatal one.

All of them were cut into half at the waist. The Blood Tribe members did not even have an opportunity to struggle.

What was even more fearsome was that the ground within seven steps of Ji Fengyan was reddened by the dripping blood. He had killed anyone who came within seven steps of Ji Fengyan.

But Ji Fengyan smiled brilliantly amidst the bloodshed. The eyes that seemed to smile carried a wild and evil aura of death. They swept across the scenes of carnage.

Meng Fusheng had never met such a terrible opponent before. In the past, even the Terminator that had appeared among the troops that had pursued him had not been so fast.

Where on earth was this person from?

Meng Fusheng suddenly felt his scalp prickle. The situation before him caused an ominous feeling to arise in his heart.

Only Ji Fengyan remained untouched amidst the bloodshed. Her body was unstained by blood. Innumerable bodies tried repeatedly to rush at her, but Yang Jian killed them at a point seven steps away from her. They were not even able to move another half a step, much less harm her.

Ji Fengyan slowly started to move. Her footsteps were neither fast nor slow, as if she was taking a leisurely stroll through a peaceful valley. Death continued to descend around her.

She stepped across inches of bloodstained ground and walked towards the giant soldier gods which had slept soundly for more than ten thousand years.

No one knew what Ji Fengyan intended to do. Everyone was already frightened out of their wits by the unexpected situation on the battlefield.

Lao Xu had been frightened out of his wits. Under the protection of the Poison King and the burly man, who had been rescued from the dungeons by Ji Fengyan at the same time, he was not at all hurt. But his expression was extremely ugly.

He had personally seen the Blood Tribe, which had tyrannized Fu Guang City for many years, casually slaughtered like sheep by Linghe and the others. Everything he saw completely overturned what Xu Lao had known about power.

Xu Lao’s shock resonated with all the spectators of the battle within Fu Guang City.

No one had thought that these ten over men who seemed to be just messing about, would completely suppress the Blood Tribe.