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Chapter 814: Rebirth (1)

“From now on, I forbid you to tolerate any injustice. If anyone dares to bully you, you are to fight back immediately. If you cannot defeat them, I will fight them for you. In conclusion, from now on, I forbid you to take nonsense from anyone. In the future, only we will bully others. No one will bully us!” Ji Fengyan’s forceful words crashed in the ears of Linghe and the others, causing them to receive a forceful shock.

“This is the Free Valley, a place filled with villains. If we are to survive here, put aside your tolerance and compassion, and show your valor. If anyone here refuses to obey, beat them until they obey!” Ji Fengyan shouted.

Linghe and the others would never have expected Ji Fengyan to talk like that. The usually good-natured Ji Fengyan had wiped away her good-nature and her indifference, revealing an aggressive side of her personality.

Linghe and the group of brothers exchanged glances as they looked at the petite but unusually resolute figure before them. In each other’s eyes, they could see the ardor that used to burn.

The ardor that had been suppressed by many years of conforming to the world’s customs.

“Your subordinate obeys!” The response from Linghe and the others was so vigorous, it reached the clouds.

Ji Fengyan laughed. She turned and looked at Linghe and the others, who now had a completely different air.

“Then today is the day of your rebirth.”

When Ji Fengyan’s glance passed over the ten over men, they straightened their spines. Their expressions were keener than ever.


Ji Fengyan turned her head and once more met Meng Fusheng’s uncertain eyes.

“Men of the Blood Tribe, listen well. I, Ji Fengyan, have decided to take Fu Guang City!”

The moment these arrogant words left her mouth, the surrounding residents of Fu Guang City drew a deep breath.

This girl was incredibly arrogant!

She wanted to capture the entire Fu Guang City at her age!

Was she crazy!

“What arrogance!” Meng Fusheng’s anger turned to laughter. He suddenly waved his hand. “If you want Fu Guang City, you have to get past the Blood Tribe first! Attack! Kill them all, don’t leave a single one!”

At Meng Fusheng’s command, the group of members who were already rubbing their fists roared, and rushed towards Ji Fengyan and the others.

A little over ten men against a hundred. Just based on numbers alone, they were at a disadvantage. Further, the Blood Tribe’s fighting abilities were extremely strong. Every one of their members was a brave warrior.

When the battle had just begun, the surrounding people had already guessed the conclusion.

They were afraid that by this time tomorrow, over ten fresh corpses would be hanging in that square.

Xu Lao did not expect Ji Fengyan and the others to actually fight the Blood Tribe. He did not have much fighting skill. As he watched the members of the Blood Tribe come rushing over with a roar, and saw their vicious faces, he became utterly terrified. His legs went soft and his entire body toppled over.

The agile Poison King caught hold of Xu Lao and pulled him up. His other hand was already holding his knife that was covered with deadly poison.

“Xu Lao, hold on.”

Xu Lao’s expression was uglier than if he had cried.

“You will really be the death of me.”

The Poison King laughed.

It was impossible to ascertain who would die.

Just at the crowd from the Blood Tribe charged at Ji Fengyan and the others, Linghe and the others who had been so hesitant now seemed to cast aside their restraints. As they looked at the men charging towards them, a fire instantly blazed in their eyes.

“Brothers, kill them!”