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Chapter 811: Is This Hard Enough (1)

They started surrounding Ji Fengyan as they spoke, their tone flippant.

“Young lady, let me tell you, we took your friends’ things because we think well of you all. Now that we have collected from you, we will naturally ensure your safety.”

“You don’t have to worry, our Boss will definitely protect you in the future. Haha.”

Xu Lao couldn’t help feeling somewhat panicked at seeing Ji Fengyan being surrounded by a bunch of brutish thugs. Several times, he wanted to speak up to try to dissolve the situation, but was stopped by the Poison King.

“Don’t interfere.” The Poison King glared at Xu Lao.

Xu Lao was completely nonplussed. He couldn’t understand what was going on with the Poison King, Linghe, and the rest. They were part of the same gang as Ji Fengyan, but why were they not reacting to Ji Fengyan being surrounded by the Blood Tribe?

Xu Lao instinctively looked towards Linghe and company. He saw that they had no intention of taking any action at all. Instead, they were looking at those men surrounding Ji Fengyan with a peculiar expression.

Ji Fengyan held a faint smile as she surveyed those Blood Tribe members. The chilliness in her eyes gradually faded.

“So it was you guys then?”

“It was us. We were the very ones who took your stuff. So what? Are you going to cry now…” One of the men licked his lips as he stood before Ji Fengyan, looking entirely arrogant. “Unfortunately for you, our Blood Tribe has the final say in Fu Guang City. If you are smart, treat our Boss well and we will ensure that you enjoy the rest of your days here.”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she cast a sweeping glance over those men.

“You guys have the final say?”

“That’s right. In this place, whoever has the hardest fists has the final say. Your bunch of cowardly friends cannot protect a delicate little lady like you.”

Ji Fengyan suddenly laughed out. She grinned from ear to ear.

That smile had Meng Fusheng stunned for a moment. That girl did not look particularly outstanding, but her sudden smile changed her entire face.

It was akin to the blooming of wild lilies-of-the-valley. Dazzling and magnificent. This smile could melt the harshest ice mountain.

If Ji Fengyan was described as delicate-looking before, her smile transformed her into a stunning beauty.


As Ji Fengyan smiled, a murderous glint gradually surfaced in her eyes.

“Really? Whoever has the hardest fists has the final say.”

That amused tone wafted into everyone’s ears.

One of the Blood Tribe’s members wanted to speak up.

Ji Fengyan lightly tapped the ground with the tip of one foot, and her petite figure flew up into the air. She aimed a kick at the chest of that jabbering guy!

Before anyone had time to react, that sudden kick had that big stocky guy flying through the air!

With a loud thud, that guy landed heavily on an uneven platform. He was instantly knocked out and his body nearly shattered.

No one expected Ji Fengyan to suddenly strike out. Her one kick had those men dumbstruck. Their bawdy teasing had also faded off.

Ji Fengyan landed gracefully and tilted her chin. She sneered.

“Then I will let you have a taste of my knuckles. See if they are hard enough!”

[Mini theatre]

Little crazy brat: I wanted to treat you well, but you forced me to strike out.

Liu Huo: Do you want to try if I am hard enough?

Little crazy brat: You actually want to fight me?

Liu Huo: Mm, on the bed.

Little crazy brat: …