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Chapter 810: The Blood Tribe (3)

Meng Fusheng thought that the anxious looks on the faces of Linghe and company were because they feared the Blood Tribe’s reputation. As such, he ignored them and turned his attention back to Ji Fengyan. He smiled. “This lady looks very unfamiliar. I guess you have not been in Fu Guang City for long?”

Ji Fengyan looked up at Meng Fusheng with a slight smile.

“I just arrived today.”

“Oh? Seeing as you just arrived, why are you looking for me?” Meng Fusheng asked amicably.

There were very few females in the Free Valley. In terms of fighting abilities, their skills were seldom a match for the savage men here. The smart ones would immediately seek a powerful protector, offering her body in return for the protection.

As the leader of the Blood Tribe, Meng Fusheng controlled the entire Fu Guang City. As a result, there had been several females who threw themselves at him. Although this young girl before him was no great beauty, she still bore a certain elegance. Meng Fusheng had met many women, but rarely encountered one who held such vitality. He started getting ideas in his head.

The members behind Meng Fusheng held the same train of thought. They had thought Linghe and gang had come to reason with them, but looking at Ji Fengyan standing right in front, they grinned maliciously.

“Boss, you are being rude. This little miss has already come all the way here on her own accord—you shouldn’t have been so blunt.”

“Brothers, you guys really know proper conduct.”

The men laughed bawdily. They all thought that Ji Fengyan was a tribute that Linghe and gang were offering them in return for protection.

Meng Fusheng gave a fake, demure smile. But he didn’t stop his men from messing around.

Meanwhile, the eyes of Linghe and company had nearly popped out of their sockets on hearing those words. Their expressions changed—not to fear or panic, but something akin to… pity.

Nevertheless, the Blood Tribe failed to notice the faces of Linghe and gang. Instead, they continued fooling around even more recklessly.

Ji Fengyan just grinned without a word at the rowdy Blood Tribe members.

Meng Fusheng was extremely satisfied to see Ji Fengyan “bowing down to her circumstances”. Just as he was about to say something, Ji Fengyan suddenly spoke up.

“Was it your men who stole my things today?”

Ji Fengyan’s words stunned Meng Fusheng. His noisy men also quietened down.

“I am afraid Miss Ji misunderstood. That was not stealing.” Meng Fusheng shook his head. He glanced at Linghe and gang before giving a bland smile. “That’s called compensation.”

“Compensation?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Meng Fusheng continued. “Fu Guang City and its people are under the protection of the Blood Tribe. We prevent bounty hunters and other ill-intentioned people from causing trouble here. We have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears, as well as several good brothers. It is only right that my men receive a certain amount of compensation.”

Ji Fengyan turned her gaze towards the few men standing behind Meng Fusheng. “Those were the men who stole my things today?”

Before Meng Fusheng could finish his sentence, those men taunted her daringly. “We already said it’s compensation. Why do you insist on calling it stealing? Miss, you are in the wrong for saying such things.”