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Chapter 809: The Blood Tribe (2)

“Don’t worry, Boss. We’ll clean them out.” The Blood Tribe members chuckled.

At that moment, one man guarding the outside hastily entered the palace.

“Boss, doctor Xu has brought a bunch of people here looking for you.”

“Xu Lao?” Meng Fusheng raised his brows.

Some men spoke up. “Boss, that old man Xu hasn’t been providing us with sufficient medicines the past few months. We went to remind him several times, but he just gave us a lackadaisical attitude. Should we take this chance to teach him a lesson?”

Meng Fusheng raised his hand and put on a magnanimous face. “Xu Lao is the most highly skilled doctor in Fu Guang City. Be nicer to him, he is already so old and won’t be able to take much beating. Just seek him out in another few days for a ‘nice chat’. That’d be enough.”

Meng Fusheng spoke in such a decent manner, but everyone in the Blood Tribe knew his underlying meaning. They all smiled sinisterly.

“Since these people have been brought by Xu Lao, I will go look.” Meng Fusheng casually stood up and walked out of the hall with several members in tow.

Outside the hall, Xu Lao was looking nervously at the Blood Tribe guard. He instinctively looked towards Ji Fengyan, only to discover that her attention was completely focused on the giant soldier god situated beside the palace.

In just a short while, Meng Fusheng walked out with his Blood Tribe gang.

“Xu Lao, I heard that you are looking for me?” Meng Fusheng strolled over briskly. He turned a pair of smiling eyes on Xu Lao, who instantly went on the alert.

Don’t be fooled by Meng Fusheng’s usual amenable manner. He was a ruthless criminal who could chat happily with you in one moment and then stab you in the very next instant.

Having worked with the Blood Tribe for so long, Xu Lao couldn’t help feeling a sense of fear whenever he saw Meng Fusheng.

“Leader Meng, it is not me who wishes to speak with you. It’s… it’s this Miss Ji who wants to meet you.” Xu Lao pointed at Ji Fengyan.

Meng Fusheng shifted his gaze towards Ji Fengyan and saw a youthful and delicate-looking young girl. Meng Fusheng couldn’t help smirking. Just as he was about to say something, his men suddenly noticed Linghe and rest standing behind Xu Lao. Their expressions changed as they hurriedly whispered in Meng Fusheng’s ear.

“Boss, we had taken those treasures from this bunch of people.”

The smile on Meng Fusheng gradually faded. He looked straight past Ji Fengyan towards Linghe and the gang. Meng Fusheng felt rather astounded by what he saw.

His men had described them as a bunch of cowards and he thought they must be a group of namby-pamby, privileged boys—who must have offended someone and had no choice but to seek refuge here. But it appeared that this was not so.

The dozen men standing behind Xu Lao were tall and muscular, with hard faces. Even without exchanging moves with them, Meng Fusheng could tell this bunch of people held definite fighting abilities.


Meng Fusheng noticed that they appeared extremely nervous. The look in their eyes betrayed the inner panic in their hearts.

Meng Fusheng smiled at that. Physical prowess was useless without courage.