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Chapter 807: Trouble Comes-A-Knocking (3)

Ji Fengyan’s stare had Linghe and the rest paralyzed. They saw from her eyes that she was no longer the usually playful Ji Fengyan, but had completely changed into another person. Her eyes burned with a murderous fire.

Linghe had not seen Ji Fengyan look like that in a long time.

The sudden change in Ji Fengyan had thoroughly frightened Xu Lao. He totally didn’t understand what had happened.

When Ji Fengyan turned back to look at Xu Lao, she still held a faint smile. But that smile made Xu Lao feel a sense of unease.

“Xu Lao, please lead the way.”

Xu Lao regained his senses and looked hesitantly at the Poison King. The Poison King also looked rather bewildered. He caught Xu Lao’s questioning look and said, “Xu Lao, please lead the way then.”

Since the Poison King had made the request, Xu Lao would not reject him and could only nod his head.

Linghe and rest were in tenterhooks. They looked at Ji Fengyan with eyes full of worry. But she just ordered them in a cold tone. “You all will follow me.”

No one dared to say another word, and just obediently nodded.

The Blood Tribe’s headquarters was situated in the innermost regions of Fu Guang City, inside an ancient palace. Outside the palace was a vast courtyard. This palace was also the only building in Fu Guang City which had undergone a revamp.

At this very moment, the members of the Blood Tribe who had snatched the horse carriages from Linghe and company, were parking those carriages beside the palace. A few of them carried the stolen boxes into the palace.

“Boss, look at the goodies we brought you.” A few men called out as they lugged the boxes in.

Within the palace, Meng Fusheng was in the midst of a discussion with a few other members. He raised his head. He was still considered relatively handsome, considering the vicious scar that ran from his left brow to below his right eye. That scar gave his handsome face a sense of ferocity and wickedness.

“What’s that?” Meng Fusheng looked up. He was the leader of the Blood Tribe. Only 29 years old, he had gained notoriety from a young age and set up the infamous Blood Tribe to seek control over territories. If not for the ambush by the Kingdom’s army, he would not have sought refuge in the Free Valley.

A few men placed the three boxes directly before Meng Fusheng. He raised his brows as he looked at the boxes dubiously.

“A bunch of people entered the city today. As they were quite a large group, we knew that they would have some valuable stuff. We had just gotten these from that bunch. Boss, come look.” One of the man spoke up anxiously.

Meng Fusheng couldn’t help laughing at his words.

“It’s a rare opportunity that some juicy lambs have entered the city at this time. Looking at your smug faces, you must have gotten quite a number of good stuff.” Meng Fusheng sat pompously upon his throne. He crossed his long legs casually. “Open it and let me take a look.”

Those men exchanged smiling glances and immediately opened up the boxes.

The moment they opened it, the entire palace hall was lit with a dazzling glitter.

The sight stunned Meng Fusheng and sat up straight. He stared unwavering at the treasures within the three boxes.

Those three boxes were full of many flawless gold instruments and precious jewels. The value of all those treasures was beyond estimation.