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Chapter 806: Trouble Comes-A-Knocking (2)

“Miss, this matter… is no big deal. We had already moved most of our stuff into the yard. The things that they took… were nothing much.” Linghe quickly reassured Ji Fengyan, afraid that she’d get mad.

They had just escaped from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and were complete strangers to the Free Valley. In addition, the troublemakers were none other than the Blood Tribe, who were the overseers of Fu Guang City. Linghe truly did not want to add onto Ji Fengyan’s troubles. He was well aware that Ji Fengyan had left the Kingdom as she was tired of all the scheming politics, and just wanted some place where she could have a peace of mind.

Linghe would bear this indignity, as he only wanted Ji Fengyan to live a relatively carefree life.

Ji Fengyan remained still with an expressionless face. Her delicate little face showed no happiness or anger.

But her silence made Linghe panic. He instinctively looked towards Yang Jian and felt a headache coming on. He, Zuo Nuo and the rest had agreed to hide the incident from Ji Fengyan. But they had totally forgotten about Yang Jian.

Xu Lao, who had come over with Ji Fengyan and the Poison King, was somewhat astounded by the sight of the crowd standing within the yard.

“So many of you have come. No wonder… the Blood Tribe had come knocking on your doors.”

The Poison King had never expected that something like this would happen in the short while that they were gone. Hearing Xu Lao’s tone, he quickly asked, “Xu Lao, what do you mean?”

Xu Lao replied, “It’s my fault for not reminding you all. I thought only you two had arrived at Fu Guang City. I never expected that you to have brought along nearly 20 men. Hadn’t I told you earlier? The Blood Tribe usually doesn’t bother people who enter the city. However, the Blood Tribe and Zhai Xing Lou have been at war in the recent times. They are working overtime to boost their troops, horses, and other resources. Your company had paraded into the city on horse carriages—the Blood Tribe would definitely have noticed…”

The Blood Tribe didn’t care if only one or two persons entered the city. But Ji Fengyan’s company was just too large and her horse carriages too conspicuous to ignore. The Blood Tribe had instantly targeted them.

“Fortunately, they had only taken some stuff. Ji family girl, just bear with it. Everything depends on peace in Fu Guang City. They are unlikely to come back again after this incident.” Xu Lao couldn’t tell what Ji Fengyan was thinking. He advised her as if she was just a little girl who was upset over someone taking her belongings.

Linghe and company were all focused on Ji Fengyan. Xu Lao didn’t know what Ji Fengyan was like, but they were well aware of her character.

“Miss, are you tired? That room has already been more or less tidied up. Do you want to take a rest first?” Zuo Nuo asked bravely.

Ji Fengyan turned her eyes on him, and just that one glance made Zuo Nuo tremble all over.

“Xu Lao, did you say earlier that you had worked with the Blood Tribe before?” Ji Fengyan shifted her gaze towards Xu Lao.

He nodded. “I didn’t work for them. It was mere self-preservation.”

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips curled up in a smile. “Then can I trouble you to bring me to the Blood Tribe’s headquarters?”

Ji Fengyan’s words instantly created a panicked flurry in Linghe and company.

They were just about to say something when Ji Fengyan cast a cold eye upon them. She said in a frosty tone.

“Whoever dares say another word, get out of my sight.”