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Chapter 805: Trouble Comes-A-Knocking (1)

“A few dozens of times?” The Poison King’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Xu Lao gave an awkward laugh. “No choice. If you want to eat, you could go hunting in the forests nearby. If you want to get some gold coins, you can either pawn some valuable items or exchange your captured game with the Blood Tribe. Of course, the price offered for your items would be much lower.”

Ji Fengyan had wanted to buy some stuff in Fu Guang City, but no longer wished to do so.

She was not interested in taking part in the Blood Tribe’s outrageous trading business.

As the three people walked and talked, they soon arrived at Ji Fengyan’s place. But she felt something was off the moment she arrived.

Linghe and the rest were standing in the small yard with grim expressions. The horse carriages which had been parked outside had disappeared. The old and worn furniture within the house were also in a mess.

“Brother Ling, what happened?” Ji Fengyan could tell something was wrong at one glance.

Linghe’s formerly grave face was startled by the sight of Ji Fengyan. He immediately lowered his head and wiped the anger from his eyes. “Nothing.”

Nothing? Ji Fengyan didn’t believe Linghe. She immediately looked towards the equally grave-looking Zuo Nuo.

“Zuo Nuo, you tell me.”

Zuo Nuo gave a start. He instinctively looked at Linghe, only to see him give a discreet shake of his head.

Zuo Nuo looked to the side, unable to meet Ji Fengyan’s gaze. He answered sheepishly.

“Miss, it’s nothing. We are just tired and want to rest.”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows. Well now, she had just headed out for a while and this bunch had already learned how to hide things from her.

Ji Fengyan didn’t bother asking the rest, but walked directly before Yang Jian. “Tell me.”

Linghe’s heart jumped when he saw Ji Fengyan query Yang Jian.

Yang Jian had none of the reservations plaguing Linghe and the rest. He obeyed all of Ji Fengyan’s orders without exception. He replied.

“A group of guys came here just now…”

Not long after Ji Fengyan and the Poison King left, a bunch of savage, burly men arrived. Linghe and company had been unpacking their things inside the yard when they heard horses approaching. They rushed to the door for a look.

They saw that bunch of men preparing to drag away their horse carriages.

Linghe and company immediately went forth to reason with them. Only to find out… that bunch of men were members of the Blood Tribe. They had received news that a team of horse carriages had entered Fu Guang City and they were here to investigate.

Ignoring the resistance put up by Linghe and the gang, the men from the Blood Tribe wanted to confiscate their horse carriages, and even forced their way into the yard to search the premises.

To put it nicely, people who wished to seek refuge within Fu Guang City had to fork out a certain amount of compensation to the Blood Tribe. The burly men completely disregarded Linghe and the gang and barged into the yard. They then carried off a few of the unpacked boxes into the horse carriages and drove away.

Zuo Nuo and the rest had wanted to fight those Blood Tribe men, but were held back by Linghe.

Under other circumstances, Linghe would have already engaged those men in a fight. But they had just arrived at Fu Guang City and yet to even settle down. Linghe didn’t wish to bring trouble upon Ji Fengyan, which was why he had swallowed his rage and stood passively by.