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Chapter 804: Fu Guang City (3)

Xu Lao grew increasingly astonished as the Poison King’s lively narration went on. They filled his eyes with shock and surprise.

“You… killed the Eldest Princess in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon? And turned the capital city upside down?” When Xu Lao looked at Ji Fengyan again, his eyes almost fell out of his head.

Ji Fengyan smiled innocently.

Xu Lao’s expression was rather strange. If he had not known that the Poison King would not use the matter to tease him, he could not reconcile this obedient and intelligent-looking young girl with these deeds.

“Xu Lao, now that we are in Free Valley, I hope you will take care of us in the future. After all, you have lived in the Free Valley for ten years.” The Poison King patted Xu Lao’s shoulder.

Xu Lao laughed wryly. “If I can assist you, I will. But…”

Xu Lao’s gaze swept across the old and broken-down little room. His tone was filled with helplessness.

“You can see that this is all I have. What the Free Valley values most is fighting skills. My old bones really cannot fight anymore. Fortunately, I have some medical skills and I usually cooperate with the people from the Blood Tribe. They make sure I am warm and fed. I refine medicines for them and occasionally treat them when they are ill.”

“Well, what should we take note of in Fu Guang City?” asked the Poison King.

Xu Lao thought for a while. “There is nothing that you need to take special note of. As long as you don’t provoke the people from the Blood Tribe, most of the time, they won’t bother you. But in this city, any transaction needs to be approved by the Blood Tribe. If you conduct any secret transactions, that will cause some trouble.”

The Poison King nodded slightly.

Xu Lao continued, “But the timing of your arrival is unfortunate. Recently, the Blood Tribe has been acting more frequently. I think they are fighting for resources with Zhai Xing Lou. I’m afraid it will come to blows before long. In Fu Guang City, you usually do not need to bother with the Blood Tribe. But once they fight with Zhai Xing Lou, everyone residing in Fu Guang City will have to take part in the battle.”

At that juncture, Xu Lao said as if he had just remembered something, “I remember that your warrant had a reward of nearly ten thousand?”

The Poison King cleared his throat and said, “Nine thousand.”

Xu Lao nodded slightly. “That’s a pity. If it exceeds ten thousand, you can report to the Blood Tribe straight away. They are very welcoming towards people who have rewards that exceed ten thousand, and will provide them with much help.”

The Poison King then chatted a little more with Xu Lao about the situation in Fu Guang City. It was more or less what the Poison King had imagined it to be. Here, there were few rules and much fighting. Whoever was stronger called the shots.

Ji Fengyan was not interested in the Blood Tribe. As long as the people here did not disturb her, she could not be bothered to become entangled with them.

After clarifying the situation in Fu Guang City, the Poison King and Ji Fengyan prepared to leave. Xu Lao also rose to see them off and familiarized them with the roads in Fu Guang City.

When they reached the main street, Xu Lao pointed at houses that had blood-colored flags hanging at their doors. “Do you see those? That’s the Blood Tribe’s sign. The places where those flags are hung are shops operated by the Blood Tribe. If you need anything urgently, you can purchase them there, it’s just that…”

Xu Lao lowered his voice and said, “The things sold in those shops are extremely expensive. The prices are ten times higher than normal. Unless you are desperate, I don’t recommend that you buy from them.”