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Chapter 803: Fu Guang City (2)

After several detours, the Poison King finally brought Ji Fengyan to their destination.

It was a plain house and the stained walls showed signs of the passing years.

The Poison King knocked on the door and after a short while, the old wooden door opened slowly. A white-haired old man appeared at the doorway.

The old man looked to be over sixty years old, with a face lined by wrinkles. When he saw the Poison King standing at the door, his eyes lit up.

“You’ve come?”

The Poison King laughed heartily and said, “That’s right.”

The old man’s gaze moved to Ji Fengyan, who was standing next to the Poison King. His eyes held a quizzical look.

“And this is?”

“A friend. We haven’t seen each other for years. Surely you don’t expect me to stand here and talk?” The Poison King smiled as he spoke.

The old man laughed softly and invited the Poison King and Ji Fengyan to enter.

The moment Ji Fengyan entered the small house, she smelt a strong scent of medicines. Her gaze swept over the small room and saw that it was piled with various kinds of materials for refining medicines. Many medicinal herbs, that had not yet been processed, were piled against the walls.

“The place is not big. Sit anywhere you like.” The old man said.

The Poison King did not stand on ceremony. He sat on a random chair and started chatting with the old man.

This old man’s surname was Xu, and he used to be a famous and highly skilled doctor in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. He had saved many lives, but in the end he was a man and not a god. Once, he had treated the son of an influential man, and had encountered an incurable disease. Although he had tried his best to save the young man’s life, the young man had still died.

Life and death are all fated. The doctor had no choice but to bow to fate after trying his best. This was insignificant, but the problem was that the young man was the influential man’s only son. The influential man was unhappy that the old man had not managed to save his son and had blamed his son’s death on Xu Lao and vented his hatred on Xu Lao’s family.

In one night, Xu Lao’s entire family had been completely slaughtered. Only he had climbed out of the pile of corpses. To escape the influential man’s pursuit, he had no choice but to flee to the Free Valley to hide. He had hid there for ten years.

Xu Lao and the Poison King actually had the same teacher and could be considered brothers. It was just that Xu Lao had specialized in healing and saving lives, but for his own reasons, the Poison King had chosen to study poisons. Previously, Xu Lao had only safely fled to the Free Valley because the Poison King had helped him.

Not only were there wanted criminals in the Free Valley, there were also pitiful souls who had been driven to despair by their enemies.

Now that the two elderly brothers were reunited, their talk was emotional.

“I heard that men in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon captured you. How did you escape here?” Xu Lao looked at the Poison King.

The Poison King smirked. “You didn’t think I could? I didn’t think so either. Heaven knows how miserable I was, locked up in the dungeon. It was all thanks to this girl named Ji, that I was fortunate enough to escape from that place.”

Xu Lao followed the Poison King’s line of vision, and looked at the pretty, bright-eyed Ji Fengyan. His expression was rather disbelieving. The young girl in front of him looked immature. How could a young lady like that have the ability to rescue the Poison King from the dungeons of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?

The Poison King saw Xu Lao’s disbelief. He recounted how Ji Fengyan had wrecked havoc in the capital of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, and how she had escaped under the noses of over a hundred thousand soldiers.