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Chapter 801: Free Valley (3)

It was a simple matter to live in Fu Guang City. You could stay here as long as there were vacant houses available. No one would bother you.

Ji Fengyan and company found two dilapidated houses within the city. Linghe and the rest brought in their things from the horse carriages. Before Ji Fengyan had left for the capital city, she had Linghe and gang hide outside the city. Linghe had been smart enough to seek Yichen before leaving. Business at the Tushita Palace had been booming, and the profits raked in were mind-boggling. Linghe had taken that money and instructed Zuo Nuo and the rest to go on a quick spending spree across the shops in the capital. As a result, they had bought several goodies.

Amongst them…

Were Ji Fengyan’s “favorite” flashy ornaments.

Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Linghe’s doing. Although she was pleased that he had become more savvy, but…

She really had no use for such fancy trinkets now. She had previously sought such items out just to absorb their spiritual energy and replenish her inner core. Now that she had the ancient dragon’s gift, Ji Fengyan no longer wanted such things.


She looked pretty good wearing them.

“The Poison King and I are going out for a walk. You guys settle here.” With that, Ji Fengyan forcefully pried the clinging Xiao Tuanzi off herself and shoved it into Yang Jian’s arms.

Xiao Tuanzi looked tearfully at Ji Fengyan. It remembered how Ji Fengyan had stuffed it into a cloth bag and had Yang Jian bring it out of the city—after it had refused to let go of Ji Fengyan when she was heading towards the royal palace.

Xiao Tuanzi felt that it was being abandoned again and immediately reached out its tiny hooves. It struggled towards Ji Fengyan.

In the end…

“Growl.” Xiao Tianquan flashed its gleaming white fangs at Xiao Tuanzi.

Xiao Tuanzi instantly curled into a ball and laid trembling against Yang Jian’s clothes.

Xiao Tianquan lifted its chin in satisfaction, looking entirely smug.

Xiao Tuanzi might be a rightful Demon King, but in its present state… it was scared witless just by the sight of Xiao Tianquan.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help laughing at the pathetic-looking Xiao Tuanzi. She patted its head. “I will be back soon.”

Xiao Tianquan pouted and wanted to throw a tantrum. But after a quick glance at the “ready-for-action” Xiao Tuanzi, it immediately quietened down.

Ji Fengyan then walked onto the main street of Fu Guang City with the Poison King.

The Poison King had wanted to come to Fu Guang City for two reasons. The first was to evade capture, while the second was because he had an old friend here. Now that he had arrived at Fu Guang City, he wanted to bring Ji Fengyan to meet this old friend and gain a better understanding of the current situation here.

The main street of Fu Guang City was rather deserted. There were few shops in the city, and the Blood Tribe ran all of them. Apart from the Blood Tribe, no one else could open a store.

It could be said that the Blood Tribe controlled the economy of the entire Fu Guang City. To survive here, residents had to either go hunting outside of the city, or had to use money to buy food and other necessities from the Blood Tribe.

Those who did not have enough money had no choice but to join the Blood Tribe and serve it, to receive some payment.

Ji Fengyan looked around the street. Fu Guang City differed completely from any other city she had seen. Children were a rare sight. Instead, the people were mostly made up of burly and vicious-looking men.