The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 798 - The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon

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Chapter 798: The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon

A massive manhunt had been ongoing for a whole month. The Emperor had mobilized his full forces and conducted a thorough sweep of the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. But… they could not find Ji Fengyan.

It was as if Ji Fengyan had just disappeared from the earth.

This outcome was no doubt a slap to the Emperor’s face. Having the full power of an entire nation behind him and still not a match for one little girl. This shame was something the Emperor had never experienced in his entire life.


The Emperor was already at wits end. He expanded the manhunt for Ji Fengyan throughout the Kingdom and offered such a high bounty reward that countless bounty hunters were in a mad clamor.

10 million.

A whole 10 million gold coins. There had never been a criminal who had commanded such an astounding bounty.

After the Emperor initiated the manhunt for Ji Fengyan, he carried out a grand funeral for the Eldest Princess, while still holding an unreconciled hatred.

On the day of the funeral, white flags flew high under a light drizzle. All members of the noble families appeared on the street to personally send off the Eldest Princess’ coffin out of the capital city.

Ji Ru looked extremely worn as he stood with Ji Linglong with heads lowered in the rain.

The citizens of the capital city looked at the two people with a sigh.

Ji Fengyan had become a much lauded national hero and prodigy after that capital institute battle, but… who could have predicted that this renowned figure would commit such an evil deed.

The Emperor had recounted Ji Fengyan crimes to the public right before the Eldest Princess’ burial. In just one night, the name Ji Fengyan had turned from an idolized figure to a highly feared devil.

Meanwhile, the Ji family—who should have been vilified for Ji Fengyan’s actions—had instead ignited public sympathy.

Ji Fengyan had not only killed the Eldest Princess but had bitten the hand that fed her—plotting to butcher the entire Ji family. If the Emperor’s personal soldiers had not reached the Ji residence in time, everyone in the whole Ji family would have turned into aggrieved ghosts under Ji Fengyan’s insane slaughter fest. Unfortunately, the eldest son of the Ji family, Ji Qiu, had still been slain by Ji Fengyan.

A person who was heartless enough to kill her own family—how cruel she must be!

Everyone was silent under the drizzling rain.

The usually crowded Tushita Palace was closed today.

Yichen sat alone in the pharmacy’s darkness, clutching tightly onto that warrant detailing the sky-high bounty. On it were the words Ji Fengyan—which now have been deeply imprinted into Yichen’s mind.

“Miss Ji…” Yichen rasped as he tore up the warrant into bits. His face had undergone a distinct change, but his eyes no longer held any fear or solemness.

“Don’t worry, I will manage the Tushita Palace properly. I believe… you will return one day.” Yichen took a deep breath. It didn’t matter how badly the Emperor had smeared Ji Fengyan’s reputation. She was still the most saintly and powerful person in Yichen’s eyes.

Under the Emperor’s command, the entire nation was on the lookout for Ji Fengyan. The Wolf Smoke Regiment had also been subjected to an investigation. That bunch of wolf pups were completely unwilling to believe that their General would perform such a deed.

Residing at the new institution, Liu Kai and the rest were all stunned when they received the news. None of them believed that their good friend Ji Fengyan was capable of such a heinous crime.