The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 797 - Leaving the City (3)

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Chapter 797: Leaving the City (3)

The chaos within the capital city did not abate following Ji Fengyan’s escape. The dark guard, who had been discreetly following Ji Fengyan all this while, returned to the Grand Tutor’s residence only after personally watching her leave.

“Grand Tutor, please don’t worry anymore.” The dark guard offered this simple sentence as he knelt before Xing Lou.

But this succinct sentence warmed Xing Lou’s harsh expression to an extent.

“You may take your leave.” Xing Lou replied blandly before resuming his usual cold demeanor.

Despite the dark guard’s subtleness, Qin Muyao understood what had happened.

“Isn’t Lord Grand Tutor afraid that others would know you are protecting Ji Fengyan?” Qin Muyao suddenly asked.

Xing Lou looked up at Qin Muyao’s handsome face.

Qin Muyao narrowed his eyes. “My lord did not hide this matter from me—aren’t you worried I would tell His Majesty everything?”

Xing Lou lifted his eyes and propped up his chin with one hand. He looked blandly at Qin Muyao. “If you really wanted to report, you wouldn’t have appeared at my residence.”

Qin Muyao was stunned. He then chuckled.

They were all intelligent people. Not everything needed to be spelled out loud.

They held the same goal.

Xing Lou slowly stood up. With his hands behind his back, he continued. “The Emperor’s fourth decree is coming soon. You will represent me in receiving that decree.”

Qin Muyao lowered his eyes.

Receiving that decree would mean agreeing to allow Terminators to join the fight.


Ji Fengyan had left the capital. Having many Terminators join the fight would just further the chaos in the city.

Grand Tutor had sold out the Emperor. And at such a cheap price…

Amusement rose in Qin Muyao’s heart. He cupped his fists together and complied. “As you command.”

With that, Qin Muyao left the Grand Tutor’s residence.

Only Xing Lou was left within the hall of the Grand Tutor’s residence. He slowly walked to a window and looked up at the clouds, drifting across the sky. Amusement danced across his eyes.

This messy Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had never suited her.

Grand Tutor finally heaved a sigh of relief after the Emperor passed down his fourth decree. The Terminators gathered outside the Grand Tutor’s residence were finally activated and immediately joined the action to capture Ji Fengyan. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers swarmed the area. They would find Ji Fengyan even if they had to turn the entire city upside down.


This mad chaos continued for seven whole days.

In this period, they had combed every inch of the capital city over several times. Every room had been thoroughly investigated.


No one saw Ji Fengyan.

It was as if she had disappeared into thin air. No one knew where she was hiding.

The incensed Emperor was unwilling to accept such an outcome. He ordered his armies to expand their search in all directions, starting with the capital as the center. They must capture Ji Fengyan, dead or alive.

What the Emperor didn’t know was that Ji Fengyan was already far away from the capital city. His every move had been made one step too late.

One wrong move led to several more wrong moves.

Even if he mobilized the entire nation, he would not be able to find Ji Fengyan.

As the Emperor was continuing his large-scale manhunt for Ji Fengyan, she had already met up with Linghe and the rest. She was seated inside a horse carriage and humming a little tune, having traveled far away from the scene of the crime.


When Ji Fengyan returned to this piece of land after quite some time—everything had undergone a complete upheaval.