The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 796 - Leaving the City (2)

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Chapter 796: Leaving the City (2)

With their new faces, the three most-wanted persons in the entire city stepped out in broad daylight onto the main street.

A group of energetic soldiers surged past them without a second glance.

They could never have imagined that the gorgeous lady whom they just went by was actually Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan sashayed across town bearing that beautiful face, not the least bit sheepish or panicky. In fact, she even went into the most famous restaurant in the city for a nice meal, before heading towards the main gates of the city with the little old man and the burly man.

Just as they reached the main gates, they saw that the reinforcement troops near the capital had already reached the city. A casual survey of the lands beyond the capital already revealed hundreds of thousands of soldiers all surging towards the city like a flood of water.

Ji Fengyan munched on a fruit taken from the restaurant as she watched those stern-looking soldiers.

Little old man and burly man broke out in cold sweat at the sight. If they had not changed their appearances—who would have dared to face these hundreds of thousands soldier’s heads on?

The soldiers guarding the city borders had just exchanged formalities with the reinforcement troops when they noticed the gorgeous young lady eating a fruit with a smile on her face.

“Miss, the city is in chaos now. You better find a safe place to hide as soon as possible.” One of the guards kind-heartedly came forward to caution her.

Ji Fengyan batted her eyelashes at the soldier. “I was just going to leave the city to hide. It is too dangerous inside.”

The soldier was nearly melting under Ji Fengyan’s gaze. He was more than willing to let her leave. After all, the person they were trying to capture was no beauty.

“Then please be careful, Miss.” The guard then stood aside to let her pass.

Ji Fengyan nodded with a smile and even turned to wave at the guard before leaving.

“I hope you capture that criminal as soon as possible.”

With that, she casually led the little old man and the burly man out of the city gates. Meanwhile, those hundreds of thousands of reinforcement troops swarmed into the capital city.


The inner hearts of the little old man and the burly man were in a turmoil the moment they stepped out of the capital city. Especially after witnessing her shameless cajoling of that guard. It left them in complete wonder.

Young man, if only you knew that raving beauty whom you were drooling over was actually Ji Fengyan—the most-wanted criminal in the city who murdered your Eldest Princess!

At that moment, the little old man and the burly man realized how Ji Fengyan’s willful behavior was backed by her vast capabilities. Even though the capital was now heavily guarded, she could come and go as she pleased. No one would be able to stop her.

Even more laughable was the fact that the entire city was now on high alert. The hundreds of thousands of soldiers and that enraged Emperor were completely unaware that Ji Fengyan had already long left the capital city.

Ji Fengyan finally stopped after they were about a kilometer away. She turned to look at the chaotic capital city with an amused smile.

Emperor, we have yet to settle our debts with each other. Sooner or later, I will return to clear our scores.