The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 795 - Leaving The City (1)

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Chapter 795: Leaving The City (1)

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Qin Muyao had personally witnessed Ji Fengyan’s capabilities. He had also heard of her battle against the 13 Elders. The Ji Fengyan at the time of the capital institute was probably still not a match for those 13 elite-level practitioners. But she had actually totally defeated all the Elders.

Her abilities had clearly been augmented to yet another level.

Apart from Terminators, no one in the entire capital city could restrain Ji Fengyan.

The Emperor could dispatch as many soldiers as he wished, but if Ji Fengyan wanted to leave, they could not hold her back!

As he thought of that, Qin Muyao lowered his eyelids and relaxed a bit.

Xing Lou would really protect Ji Fengyan.

If Qin Muyao had thought of it, how could Xing Lou not have?

As long as they could restrain these Terminators, no one else in the capital city could do any harm to Ji Fengyan.

That in itself would be enough.

“Dark guard.” Xing Lou suddenly spoke up.

The dark guard immediately stepped up.


“Monitor it.” Xing Lou commanded coldly.

The dark guard understood.

“As you command.”

The dark guard disappeared from the hall right after he said that.

Without the Terminators as an obstacle, Ji Fengyan was nimbly evading the bunch of guards, leading them in a whirlwind chase across the complicated streets of the capital city that left her pursuers exhausted and breathless.

The little old man and burly man couldn’t resist advising her. “Girl, if you continue this chase, the troops near the capital city would be arriving soon.”

Ji Fengyan had just ditched a group of soldiers and was resting by a small alleyway. She smiled at the advice offered by the little old man and burly man. “Then let’s go.”

Little old man and burly man breathed a sigh of relief. They were worried that Ji Fengyan would be so consumed with bloodlust that she would slaughter everyone in the capital city.

Since they were prepared to leave, Ji Fengyan would naturally not allow any opportunity for the pursuing soldiers to catch them. She raised her hand and infused three gusts of vital energy into the three of them.

A miraculous scene played out before the little old man and the burly man.

They felt a warm gust of air enter their bodies. Their physical appearance suddenly underwent a major transformation.

The formally skinny little old man had morphed into a robust and handsome youth, while the burly man shrank into a delicate and refined young man.


The two were dumbstruck by that incredible phenomenon.

“Little old me actually reverted to being a child?” Little old man stroked his own smooth skin and nearly cried out in joy.

He had heard of some people using potions and special gadgets to change their appearances. But he had never heard of anything that could change the skin and bone structure to such an extent.

If not because he could still feel his old and tired bones, the little old man would have thought he had really gone back to being a kid.

Meanwhile, the burly man was staring hesitantly at his own skinny wrists, a perplexed expression on his face. He had never been so dainty in his whole life.

Ji Fengyan changed out of her bloody clothes into a pure white robe. Her fresh-looking face never looked so lovely. She could have struck down a crowd with a simple smile.

“Let’s get out of this city.” Ji Fengyan grinned at the physically altered little old man and burly man.