The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 793 - Cutting (2)

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Chapter 793: Cutting (2)

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Ji He had not yet recovered from his fright. As he saw Ji Qiu’s body being carried away before his eyes, Ji He felt his entire body turn cold. His gaze passed over the silent Ji Mubai.

At that moment, Ji Mubai’s expression was one of extreme shock. He was Ji Qiu’s son and the most anticipated genius of the Ji family. From young, he had lived a comfortable life and been doted on by everyone.


Everything had changed from the day that Ji Fengyan had returned to the Ji house.

Ji Mubai involuntarily recalled the time he and Ji Qingshang had gone to Ji City to bring Ji Fengyan back to the Ji house.

Starting from that day, all that he possessed became completely distorted.

“Mubai?” Ji He looked at Ji Mubai’s distorted face and involuntarily called out to him.

Ji Mubai suddenly snapped out of his daze. His expression had completely changed.

Ji He looked at the flickering expression on Ji Mubai’s profile, and a nameless chill suddenly arose in his heart.

Everything about that day seemed different.

Ji Fengyan created havoc in the entire capital. On every street, busy-looking guards could be seen moving quickly around.

However, after half a day of trying to capture her, they could not even find a shadow of Ji Fengyan. With Ji Fengyan’s ability, even the many masters in the group of Elders had their hands tied. How could these ordinary guards deal with her?

Ji Fengyan seemed to be deliberately toying with them. She occasionally showed herself, then immediately vanished completely. Instead, it was her fierce statues of birds and beasts that were toppled by the pursuers.

The leader of the guards saw that the situation was getting increasingly confused. His expression was extremely ugly.

“The Terminators have not acted yet?” He looked reproachfully at a nearby guard.

The guard shrank back. “With regard to the Terminators, you need to ask the Grand Tutor. For now… there is no news.”

The moment the leader of the guards heard the two words—Grand Tutor—his expression changed slightly. Even if he felt resentful, he did not dare to show a trace of it.

At the same time, outside the Grand Tutor’s residence, the guards who had brought the Emperor’s royal decree were prevented from entering. They stood on the doorstep, together with the few Terminators that were in the capital.

“May we trouble you to inform the Lord Grand Tutor that His Majesty has commanded all the Terminators in the capital to pursue Ji Fengyan?” The guard spoke with agitation. The death of the Eldest Princess had incurred the Emperor’s wrath, and they had mobilized all the Terminators in the capital. However, the Terminators were under the jurisdiction of the Grand Tutor. Besides opposing the demons, if there was any matter that needed the Terminators, it required the consent of the Grand Tutor.


The dark guard stood at the door with a cold expression. He looked at the group of people blocking the door and said coldly, “The Lord Grand Tutor’s orders are that none of the Terminators are to participate.”

“What?” The Emperor’s guard was taken aback. He would never have thought he would receive such news upon arrival.

The Grand Tutor would not permit the Terminators to join the battle?

“But that Ji Fengyan has killed the Eldest Princess. If the Terminators do not act…” The guard said frantically.

The dark guard’s expression did not change at all. It was as cold as ever.

“That is the Lord Grand Tutor’s command. If any of the Terminators dares to act individually, it will disqualify him from being a Terminator.”

The Lord Grand Tutor’s command crashed down on them. The group of Terminators that were in full battle array and awaiting orders were all dumbstruck. They had gathered at the Emperor’s command and were just waiting for the Grand Tutor’s permission before they entered the battlefield to capture Ji Fengyan.

Who would have thought that the Lord Grand Tutor would issue such an ultimatum!