The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 784 - Things Will Be Interesting Only If We Continue (2)

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Chapter 784: Things Will Be Interesting Only If We Continue (2)

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Despite feeling rather astounded by Ji Fengyan’s behavior, a glimmer of hope suddenly ignited in the Elders after they realized she was fighting alone!

They immediately started discussing a change in their battle strategy.

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan didn’t look the least bit nervous as she watched the sudden revitalization of her opponents. Instead, she just smilingly allowed them to freely conduct their discussions.

Little old man and burly man looked on at the situation in bafflement.

“Girl, have you gone mad? You… aren’t you just giving yourselves some trouble?” Little old man stared at Ji Fengyan indignantly. If not because he couldn’t defeat Ji Fengyan, he really felt like giving her a tight slap to knock some senses into her.

“The Elders had completely lost hope before you said those words. Aren’t you purposely letting them find out your weakness?” The more he spoke, the more infuriated little old man felt.

Looking at the Elders’ half-dead behavior, whoever came up next would be holding a despondent attitude. Facing such an opponent would be the easiest.

But Ji Fengyan purposely reminded them that she alone was facing all of them in turn—there would be a point where she would no longer be able to take it.

Who in the world would seek such trouble for herself?

The burly man was also very against Ji Fengyan’s seemingly self-destructive methods. Still, he kept passively quiet.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help feeling amused as she watched the little old man getting all anxious for her. She gazed at the Elders who were about to wrap up their discussion.

The little old man and the burly man were stunned.

But Ji Fengyan didn’t intend to say anything more. She just straightened herself and glanced at the reinvigorated Eldest Princess. The corners of her lips curved up in a sinister smile.

The higher the hopes, the harder she falls. That would offer the greatest satisfaction, wouldn’t it?

After a short while, the Elders had their counter-strategy.

The next contender was a practitioner wielding a golden bow.

He was obviously an archer.

And Ji Fengyan was truly looking forward to testing the abilities of this world-renowned archer.

As a result, Ji Fengyan smiled the moment the battle began.

This sacred archer was on the same level as Master Lan. As archers need to cultivate both their bodies and minds, he held the agile speed of a physical cultivator, as well as the high sense of keenness and awareness of a mind cultivator.

But it was obvious that the Elders had changed their battle strategy after their discussion.

The moment the fight began, the sacred archer didn’t launch a direct attack at Ji Fengyan. Instead, he fought in a roundabout manner.

Leveraging on his nimbleness and the extended reach of his bow and arrow, the sacred archer lengthened the distance between himself and Ji Fengyan. He made use of a complicated and powerful archery technique to start a long-range attack on Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan instantly recognized this display.

The Elders intended to use a high-consumption battle to deplete her energies.


Ji Fengyan smirked as she watched that sacred archer flit all over the battlegrounds with a cold glint in her eye.

She would have a good time playing with them.

Ji Fengyan suddenly relaxed her attacking stance, as if she had succumbed to the Elders’ plans. She started to struggle with her opponent, dragging on the duration of the betting game.

The attacks of the sacred archer were very powerful and he was also very fast. His archery skills also meant that he could attack from all directions. It could be said that archers were an extremely difficult breed to handle. In addition, he was exceedingly cautious, as he had no intention of allowing Ji Fengyan any chance of getting close to him.