The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1279 - The Final Battle (7)

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Chapter 1279: The Final Battle (7)

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Ke Luo took a deep breath and had his men flank him in protection.

“You are Di Ya’s son?” Ke Luo gave a distant laugh as he stared at Liu Huo.

Liu Huo remained silent as he stared back at Ke Luo with a chilly gaze.

Ji Fengyan sized up Ke Luo. She could feel a powerful energy coming from him. If it had been half a day earlier, she would not have had 100 percent confidence in defeating Ke Luo.

But now…

A sly grin played across Ji Fengyan’s lips.

With each wave of the three stages of the lightning tribulation, her powers would become stronger. Even the demon god would not be her match after she passed the second stage. Although Ji Fengyan had only undergone the first wave, Ke Luo’s capabilities were not even half of that of the demon god’s.

Having appraised her own powers against that of Ke Luo, Ji Fengyan was itching to strike this criminal mastermind behind the deaths of Liu Huo’s parents and the destruction of the whole world.


“Fengyan.” Liu Huo suddenly raised his hand to hold off Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan looked questioningly at Liu Huo, only to see him staring fixedly at Ke Luo.

“Please let me do this.” Liu Huo’s voice was exceptionally constrained. He must personally deal with Ke Luo.

Surprise flashed by Ji Fengyan’s eyes before she took a step back.

Liu Huo trusted her, and so she would naturally trust him back.

Ke Luo was terrified of Ji Fengyan’s power and never expected Liu Huo to stop her at this critical moment. At that instant, a tremendous weight was lifted off Ke Luo’s shoulders and a malicious glint surfaced in his eyes.

He feared Ji Fengyan’s god-like aura, but Liu Huo… was just the son of someone he defeated. How hard could it be to overcome him?

Malevolent thoughts swirled across Ke Luo’s mind. He could see that Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo had a close relationship, and he was planning to take Liu Huo hostage during their fight, to force Ji Fengyan to let him go.

“You are asking for it.” Ke Luo smirked. He stood up from his throne, as a massive pair of black wings spread open behind his back.

Liu Huo quietly stepped forward, and the two powerful Heavenly Fiend Clan members faced off.

“Is it really a good idea to let Liu Huo fight him?” Linghe suddenly appeared beside Ji Fengyan. He couldn’t help feeling worried for Liu Huo.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “He is more powerful than you think.”

Linghe was slightly taken aback. He kept silent.

Liu Huo and Ke Luo didn’t exchange any words as they engaged in a bitter fight.

The Divine Temple people watched the scene with trepidation. Secretly, they all wanted to make sneak attacks, but there was no way Ji Fengyan would let them succeed.

Before they could strike, Ji Fengyan swept past the grand hall like a tornado, killing off the remaining dozen over Divine Temple members.

Her lightning speed and precise movements had the Heavenly Fiend Clan people utterly convinced of her abilities. They once again gave thanks for Liu Huo’s excellent taste.

Although Ke Luo had been poisoned, the earlier impediment by the trigram had managed to expunge half of the venom from his body. He had recovered at least 90 percent of his powers and was confident of easily taking down Liu Huo.

However, Ke Luo became less and less optimistic as the fight dragged on!

Liu Huo was much younger than Ke Luo, but his past ordeals had forced him to grow up faster and stronger.

Liu Huo’s every strike was viciously calculated to inflict maximum damage to Ke Luo!