The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1278 - The Final Battle (6)

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Chapter 1278: The Final Battle (6)

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As the lightning bolts descended, the trigram outside the Divine Temple quavered. Ji Fengyan’s speed also became increasing fast.

If not for the power of the heavenly lightning, it would be a challenge for Ji Fengyan to break that trigram. She was probably the first person to ever think that the lightning tribulation was rather good.

One could transcend into the immortal world by overcoming the tribulation of 99 lightning strikes. However, Ji Fengyan didn’t know if it was the same for this world. Nevertheless, since it had appeared, she must overcome it to survive!

In her previous life, Ji Fengyan lived in solitude. She only had two people close to her and they both died, leaving her all alone in that world.

She had focused on her immortal ascension just to seek her Master’s soul. As happy-go-lucky as she was, she could not deny her loneliness.

But now…

It was all different now.

Directed by Ji Fengyan, another lightning bolt flashed down and struck the outer edges of the Divine Temple’s trigram. As a thunderous crash sounded out, it completely smashed the trigram.

And just in time, too. This was the lightning tribulation’s 33rd lighting bolt.

The lightning tribulation had 99 strikes, split into three stages.

Ji Fengyan had made use of the first wave of lightning to utterly eradicate the Divine Temple’s final defense.

Following the destruction of the trigram, the loud thunderous noises ceased.

The crowd stared at the shattered trigram and at the cessation of the lightning. Their hearts thudded in trepidation as they did not understand where those lightning had come from. They thought Ji Fengyan had summoned them all and were completely in awe of her abilities.

“Your Highness, this young lady is a splendid match for you!” One of the Heavenly Fiend Clan members, who had earlier doubted Ji Fengyan, immediately changed his tune after seeing her effortlessly break the trigram. His sincerity was laugh-inducing.

An amiable warmth surfaced in Liu Huo’s eyes. It was his life’s greatest joy to have met Ji Fengyan.

“Ji Fengyan has broken the trigram. Prepare to attack!” Liu Huo drew back that warm look and ordered coldly.

The Heavenly Fiend Clan members all straightened up. Ke Luo was still alive, and only by killing him would this war of vengeance finally end.

At his order, the Heavenly Fiend Clan and Hua Xia army charged towards the Divine Temple.

Inside the Divine Temple, Ke Luo felt the tremors resulting from the destruction of the trigram. From the looking crystal, he could clearly see that devil-like girl leading the lightning strikes. That scene was imprinted in his mind, followed by an unshakable fear.

“Master! What should we do now?” The Divine Temple members were all in a frenzy. Their trigram was extremely powerful and was supposed to withstand all attacks.

But a Terminator destroyed it!

Ke Luo took a deep breath, and his expression suddenly darkened.

He was no longer concerned with Liu Huo’s existence. He was now focused on that mysterious Terminator.

Why was he able to detect the aura of a god in that Terminator!

Although that aura was extremely weak, it had an earth-shaking impact on Ke Luo.

At that moment, Ke Luo was stupefied, and even the cries of his subordinates failed to call him back to reality.

Like a deer caught in headlights, the shrieks of punishment and death were already reverberating in his ears.

Ke Luo suddenly looked up and saw Liu Huo and Ji Fengyan leading their troops into the grand hall. Behind them were the fallen bodies of the Divine Temple elite!

“Ke Luo!” Liu Huo narrowed his eyes. He stared at the man who had killed his father.