The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1277 - The Final Battle (5)

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Chapter 1277: The Final Battle (5)

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A light mirage shone out of the Divine Temple’s powerful trigram under the blaze of golden lightning strikes.

And this was just the beginning.

Streaks of lightning descended from the sky, all steadily directed at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan already had a plan for these lightning bolts. She averted them, and every single one came close to the borders of the trigram’s protective shield. Each lightning strike would hit the trigram. It seemed as if she was dancing with the lightning. They rained down from the sky, wave after wave.

Liu Huo had witnessed the terror of Ji Fengyan’s Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, and knew she had the power to control lightning, but… he had never seen Ji Fengyan summon these golden lightning bolts.

And the force of this golden lightning was way beyond that of the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

Linghe and the gang were already used to Ji Fengyan’s god-like capabilities. They just thought this was one of their queen’s formidable skills and were nearly jumping and up and down to cheer for her.

Little did they know…

Ji Fengyan had not summoned those lightning bolts. In fact, the target of those lightning strikes were Ji Fengyan herself!

Ji Fengyan had never been sure if she could go through a tribulation. After all, this world was very different from her own. But as the lightning strikes rained down, that familiar feeling once again returned to her mind.

This tribulation of lightning strikes was the same as the one she had gone through before. She was supposed to overcome that tribulation easily. If not for the sudden explosion at the side, she would probably have already transcended.

And now, Ji Fengyan had become better at combat through her experiences. She was well-equipped to handle this tribulation of lightning strikes.

As powerful as the Heavenly Fiend Clan’s trigram was, it was nothing compared to these lightning strikes.

Ji Fengyan planned to make use of her lightning tribulation to break the unbreakable trigram!

As rolls of thunder rang out, Ke Luo had already gone pale at the earth-shaking noise.

The Divine Temple people were also all staring dumbfounded into the crystal, staring at that phenomenal scene.

“Who the hell is that Terminator! How did she summon the Lightning God!” Ke Luo stared incredulously at the streaks of golden lightning. It all looked so familiar.

When the gods had yet to leave this world, he had witnessed such supernatural lightning. But since their departure, that kind of power had also vanished.

Ke Luo never imagined that he would once again see such god-like power—and from a Terminator!

The Lightning God’s appearance shattered Ke Luo’s calm facade.

He wanted to control this world, the world gods had abandoned. But now, he was once again looking at a god-level power. He could hardly believe it all!

Ke Luo was scared stiff by the lightning tribulation, while the golden flashes had already dazed Liu Huo and the rest of the Heavenly Fiend Clan people.

At this moment, they finally realized how laughable their worries were.

The combat powers of this human girl were far beyond what they could imagine!

When did someone so powerful come to exist in the human race!

Their prior underestimations of her instantly vaporized.

They nearly jumped at Liu Huo, to applaud his good taste!