The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1276 - The Final Battle (4)

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Chapter 1276: The Final Battle (4)

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“Be careful.” Liu Huo pressed a kiss to Ji Fengyan’s brow.

To date, Liu Huo had not yet plumbed the depths of Ji Fengyan’s powers. Her moves differed completely from that of any other race he had seen before. Perhaps only she could avert the danger that they faced.

Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Huo, then started out towards the Divine Temple.

It stunned the men from the Heavenly Fiend Clan. Even if you beat them to death, they would not have imagined that their prince would really trust enough to allow a human girl to breach the trigram.

“Your Highness, is this appropriate? Why don’t we try…”

Liu Huo calmly shook his head. He looked at Ji Fengyan’s disappearing figure, his eyes full of trust.

To love someone was not to selfishly encircle her in protection, but to give her sufficient trust, and to mutually support and prop up each other. It was because Liu Huo understood Ji Fengyan sufficiently, that he trusted her to complete this task.

“Only she can breach this trigram.” Liu Huo spoke calmly, his words filled with pride.

Everyone in the Heavenly Fiend Clan shut their mouths. They all deeply felt that something must have gone wrong with their prince’s thinking. Otherwise, how could he allow his seemingly helpless sweetheart to take such risks?

However, when the men from the Wolf Smoke Regiment that had come with Ji Fengyan saw their queen go forward to breach the trigram, their faces filled with excitement and agitation. Like Liu Huo, they were not at all worried.

In this world, a trigram that could harm their queen had probably not yet been invented.

As Ji Fengyan approached the Divine Temple step by step, Ke Luo, who was standing in the main hall of the Divine Temple, saw a petite figure in his scrying crystal.

Ke Luo’s handsome face was rather grave. Liu Huo’s surprise attack had greatly embarrassed him. He was currently swiftly expelling the poison from his body. Once the poison was expelled, he would think nothing of the Heavenly Fiend Clan members that Liu Huo had brought.

“Who is that?” Ke Luo frowned as he looked through his scrying crystal at the young girl who was nearing the Divine Temple. His eyes were filled with suspicion.

“That… looks like a Terminator?” An envoy from the Divine Temple looked for a long time before speaking hesitantly.

“Terminator?” Ke Luo’s frown deepened.

“Lord, please don’t worry. The traitors have probably run out of moves. Otherwise, why would they dispatch a Terminator to breach the trigram? Isn’t that the same as seeking death?”

Ke Luo nodded slightly. He did not worry about the approaching Ji Fengyan, but focused on expelling the toxin from his body. His eyes glittered with a cold and vicious light.

“Is Di Ya’s son thinking of leading that worthless bunch to avenge his father? Haha… I will soon send him to meet his father…”

At that moment, Ji Fengyan, who had reached the perimeters of the Divine Temple trigram, suddenly raised her head. A shaft of golden light suddenly flashed from the layers of clouds above her head!

The instant the golden light struck, Ji Fengyan suddenly leapt up. She avoided the golden lightning that struck from the clouds. However, after Ji Fengyan had dodged the golden lightning, it struck precisely at the invincible trigram!

Instantly, the sound of an explosion nearly shattered everyone’s eardrums.

“What was that!!” The men from the Heavenly Fiend Clan, who were standing next to Liu Huo, looked in disbelief at the golden lightning bolt.

The moment the lightning struck, they felt an incredibly strong and pure power. That power far exceeded anything they knew and was intertwined with a powerful holy aura. It was as if the power of the gods had descended on earth!