The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1273 - The Final Battle (1)

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Chapter 1273: The Final Battle (1)

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Ji Fengyan’s expression suddenly changed. Chi Tong, who was standing next to her, saw Ji Fengyan’s face instantly turn pale. He hurriedly asked, “Queen, what’s the matter?”

Ji Fengyan gritted her teeth tightly. Cold sweat seeped from her brow.

Damn it, why now!

Ji Fengyan did not answer Chi Tong. She only raised her eyes to look at the sky. Amidst the miles of clear skies and white clouds, she could faintly see a cold light flashing among the peaks of the clouds.

“Go faster. We need to reach the Divine Temple immediately.” Ji Fengyan gritted her teeth tightly. Her expression became more serious than it had ever been before.

After her reincarnation, her inner core had been shattered. It was only after she had entered the Free Valley that she had completely recovered her crushed inner core. Not only had she completely recovered her inner core, because she had been in the Forest of Freedom, the vital energy cultivated in her inner core had become increasingly abundant.

All this meant that in a previous life, Ji Fengyan would already be prepared to undergo Tribulation Transcendence.

However, in this life, her shell was not purely human. Although she had single-mindedly tried to recover her inner core, she had not thought of Immortal Ascension.


Man proposes—God disposes.

Ji Fengyan sensed that she was about to undergo a Heavenly Tribulation!!!

After she had found out about the background of the Terminators’ heirs, Ji Fengyan had given up on this idea. However, amidst her many plans, she had not expected Heavenly Tribulation to be imminent.

What was even more grievous was that she was currently hurrying towards the Divine Temple, prepared to have a final battle to the death with the elders of the Heavenly Fiend Clan. But the signs of a Heavenly Tribulation had appeared now.

Right now, Ji Fengyan felt like crying.

She had always wanted to become an immortal. In her previous life, she had gone through many hardships and made innumerable preparations, but still had not withstood the last bolt of heavenly lightning. She had already given up on this life, but… God had not let her off. At the most crucial moment, the signs of a Heavenly Tribulation had begun.

Ji Fengyan felt deeply that God seemed to be at odds with her. Every time the tribulation of lightning strikes appeared, it was at exactly the wrong moment.

No one knew what Ji Fengyan was thinking. They only saw that her expression became increasingly grave. They all assumed that something serious had happened and grew correspondingly nervous.

The Divine Temple had always existed in human legends, but only a few had ever really gone to the Divine Temple. Even the rulers of the various countries did not know the location of the Divine Temple.

Ji Fengyan learnt the location of the Divine Temple from Xing Hun.

The Divine Temple was situated in the Sunset Mountain Range.

The Sunset Mountain Range existed only in legends. Legend had it that the Sunset Mountain Range was where the Sun God fell from the sky. It was originally a plain, but an enormous hole had opened at the place where the Sun God had fallen. After being shrouded by high temperatures for many years, ordinary people had no hope of finding even a trace of the Divine Temple in the Sunset Mountain Range.

Just stepping on that scorching hot ground would cause the high temperatures to consume them.

Right now, the Sunset Mountain Range was experiencing a blood bath.

“Your Highness, Ke Luo has already led his troops in a retreat to the Divine Temple. It will be difficult to attack in force.” A man, who had black wings growing from his back, pulled out the sharp sword that was sticking in an enemy’s belly. He turned to look at Liu Huo, who was dressed in golden armor.

Liu Huo stood in the chaotic and scorching Sunset Mountain Range. The ground under his feet was already soaked with blood. Before him was the towering palace of the Divine Temple, that symbolizes strength and power.

This battle had been going on for half a month.

Together with his father’s troops that had survived, Liu Huo had seized the opportunity to spring a surprise attack on the Divine Temple’s headquarters, while Xing Hun was leading the main force of the Heavenly Fiend Clan away from the Divine Temple.