The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1271 - Crusade (2)

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Chapter 1271: Crusade (2)

“Demon god!” Even Xing Hun, who was usually very calm, felt his heart crumble the instant he saw the gigantic figure appearing.

The strong Demon god had the body of a demigod. So long as the Demon god existed, the Heavenly Fiend Clan could never accomplish their goal. Initially, the King of Heavenly Fiend Clan tried to use up almost half of the entire clan’s powers to exterminate the Demon god and split his bones up to provide power to the world-termination-armour.

The presence of the Demon god’s bones hiding in the humans from various kingdoms was also the reason for the Demon Clan’s constant attacks against the humans.

It can be said that the method that the Heavenly Fiend Clan had used to instigate a battle between humans and the Demon Clan was all based on the death of the Demon god.


Xing Hun could never have thought that the Demon god that had been ripped apart into pieces would appear once again before them.

No matter how strong and conceited the Heavenly Fiend Clan was, their presence was as lowly as ants in front of the Demon god.

The appearance of the Demon god allowed Xing Hun to finally understand why the Demon Clan had suddenly changed targets and not attack humans.

Aside from the Demon god, what other power can suppress the infuriated Demon Clan?

And there was worse to come.

All the world-termination-armour were made using the demon aura from the bones of the Demon god. Previously, even though Ji Fengyan had instructed her men to look for the Demon god’s bones, she had purposely left a part of the Demon god remaining so that the world-termination-armour could still be used.

But this was only a diversionary tactic.

The moment the Demon god appeared, all its presence in various areas would also disappear.

The ten thousand elite terminators who were still battling against the both armies of humans and demons could sense their doom.

The world-termination-armour on them had weakened in power tremendously, causing them to become much weaker…

But everything was just the beginning…

After losing the world-termination-armour, they were no longer a match for the demons and humans. Ten thousand of them instantly died in a pool of blood.

Xing Hun’s expression had turned unpleasant. Even if he was dead, he would not believe that Ji Fengyan, just a young terminator, could revive the Demon god!

At that moment, the Divine Temple was facing an enormous loss.

Xing Hun’s eyes turned bloodshot suddenly. He did not hesitate and immediately removed his disguise. His brown eyes instantly turned red and a pair of black wings suddenly extended from his back. He fluttered his wings suddenly, wanting to escape.


The Demon god had waited for thousands of years and would not have allowed him the chance to escape.

The Demon god suddenly swung its enormous tail and it extended so far that it directly swept all the people from Heavenly Fiend Clan who were escaping to the ground!

Faced with such formidable powers, Xing Hun and the rest could not fight back at all.

“Tsk tsk, I am glad that I had picked up the Demon god’s bones, otherwise if I had to fight against such a powerful being, it would really be tough…” Ji Fengyan sat cross-legged on the head of the ancient dragon and smiled as she looked at the Heavenly Fiend Clan being trashed by the Demon god. She felt immense pleasure from this. With such a powerful Demon god, she would not even dare to agitate him, unless she had ascended her heavenly tribulation and become an immortal.

“That’s a demigod there,” even the ancient dragon’s voice was filled with reverence.

Under the indiscriminate attacks of the Demon god, the Heavenly Fiend Clan had all been utterly defeated. Not only were they unable to retaliate, they could not even escape.