The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1269 - Crusade (3)

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Chapter 1269: Crusade (3)

Xing Hun finally understood that the armies had gathered because of the plan of the Emperors. They were not there as part of the Divine Temple’s plan, instead they were there to fight back!

Now, Xing Hun really could not even form a smile anymore.

“Master Xing Hun, what do we do now?” the ambassdors from Divine Temple were also stunned. Originally, they thought that their plan was about to be accomplished with the extermination of humans and the Demon Clan. But in the end, such an mishap occurred.

Xing Hun said with a grim face, “it’s not easy for them to fight back. They are at the boundaries of the Demon Swamp so the demons won’t let them off too. They won’t be able to escape.”

Xing Hun took a deep breath in and could not help but laugh coldly.

He had to admit that Ji Fengyan was really capable but the Demon Clan was not one that she as a terminator alone could control.

Up till now, even if they had godly abilities, they would not be able to avoid this battle.

“Everyone retreat immediately and let the terminators cover up the rear. Don’t let them leave easily. So long as we seal their escape route, the Demon Clan can still kill them all.” Xing Hun regained his composure and gave his commands.

The ten thousand terminators that he had brought along with him were all nurtured personally by the Divine Temple and their capabilites were strong enough to kill everyone from the various kingdoms in seconds.

So long as they trap the armies for some time, the Demon Clan would be able to catch up and kill them.

By then, even if Ji Fengyan did not want to fight, they still had to!

Xing Hun’s orders were quickly passed on. The terminators from the Divine Temple immediately activated their world-termination-armour and stood at the forefront to confront the kingdoms’ armies.

Behind the armies was the Demon Clan charging rapidly towards them. Even though they were about to be attacked from both sides, Ji Fengyan did not seem to show any signs of panic.

The demons that were lunging at the armies from the back did not bare their sharp teeth at the humans when they reached the armies. Instead, they joined them and stood among the human soldiers.

The flying demons had even flown past the human soldiers and directly at the terminators from the Divine Temple.

Xing Hun, who had initially been waiting for the bloody battle to begin, lost his composure gradually. Even in his dreams, he had not thought that the demons, as though they were blind, would not attack the soldiers at all.

How could that be?

A huge doubt formed in Xing Hun’s mind.

But everything happened so quickly that it did not leave him any time to think.

Countless demons charged at them and the ten thousand terminators from the Divine Temple were immediately caught up in a bloody battle.

At this moment, the horn signal for the kingdoms to attack also sounded and all the armies charged towards the Divine Temple’s army at the same time.

The humans and Demon Clan that had been fighting for thousand years had actually joined forces at this time!

And Long Yue could not believe what he had seen. Seeing that the situation was not right, he instinctively wanted to activate his world-termination-armour and escape.

But once he raised his hand, it was held down by someone. Before he could react, he felt pain from his knee and his legs gave way and collapsed into the swamp.

“It’s a death crime for disguising as Prince Long Yue.” A cold voice reached Long Yue’s ears. He looked up with gritted teeth and suddenly saw that the person who had pinned him down was the commander of Hua Xia.

The instant their eyes met, the commander of Hua Xia ripped off the mask on his face. Under the mask, there was no longer a hideous face covered in scars. Instead, it was a deadly gorgeous-looking face.