The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1268 - Crusade (2)

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Chapter 1268: Crusade (2)

Long Yue’s expression was ghastly. He did not expect Ji Fengyan to still be alive. Through his gritted teeth, he said to Ji Fengyan in a furious yet smiling tone, “Usurp the throne? Ji Fengyan, I am the crown prince of Sa Er, the future Emperor of Sa Er. What is wrong with the people of Sa Er obeying my commands? Someone come kill this woman!”

Long Yue sneered. So what if Ji Fengyan was not dead?

She was only the Queen of Hua Xia, and Sa Er was still within his control.

The terminators from Sa Er were a little puzzled and instinctively wanted to dispose of Ji Fengyan, but looking at the strong and majestic ancient dragon, their legs had given way.

At this moment, a tall figure suddenly walked beside Ji Fengyan and stood side by side with her.

“As the Emperor of Sa Er, I announce that from this moment onwards, Long Yue is no longer the prince of Sa Er. He has already been banished from Sa Er and will be stripped of all powers.” Sa Er Emperor stripped Long Yue of his noble position in front of everyone in a loud voice and a determined look.

The appearance of the Sa Er Emperor suddenly made everyone taken aback.

The terminators from various kingdoms had received news that all the rulers would be in the capital city of Sa Er and would not join the battle, yet at this moment, the Sa Er Emperor had appeared in front of them alive.

Upon seeing Sa Er Emperor, Long Yue’s eyes had almost popped out.

Ji Fengyan was not dead and Sa Er Emperor too!

How could that be!

The return of the Emperor left Long Yue powerless. The terminators of Sa Er naturally would not continue with any attack.

All the terminators from other kingdoms were even more at a loss.

But suddenly, Ji Fengyan raised the evil-crushing sword in her hands.

On the evil-crushing sword, there was a glare that dazzled the surroundings.

The instant the glare reached everyone’s eyes, all the commanders of the various kingdoms had a meaningful smile on their faces.



A series of commands passed on to the army. The soldiers who had originally been facing the Demon Swamp immediately changed directions at the same time and raised their swords towards the people from Divine Temple behind them.

The sudden change of events was completely unexpected to the people from the Divine Temple.

Xing Hun walked out from the horse carriage amidst the situation. Before him, there were already countless soldiers surrounding them. All these had happened too abruptly!

“What is the matter?” the ambassador of the Divine Temple did not expect things to turn out this way.

Xing Hun’s expression had turned extremely unpleasant. He glanced past everyone and focused in the direction of Ji Fengyan. When he could see clearly the person on the back of the ancient dragon, his expression had no warmth at all.

The rulers from various kingdoms who were supposed to be buried underground were all standing on the back of the ancient dragon unharmed. Their appearance had completely changed the battle before them.

“They have fooled us.” Xing Hun clenched his fist tight and stared hard at Ji Fengyan, who was standing on the head of the ancient dragon.

At this moment, he finally realised the source of his uneasiness!

These Emperors did not die at all!

The reaction from the various kingdoms’ armies also proved this.

Before the Divine Temple sent the letter to the kingdoms, the rulers had already passed on their true message!