The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1267 - Crusade (1)

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Chapter 1267: Crusade (1)

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While Long Yue was still in a panic, the demons standing outside the forest suddenly moved towards the army of human soldiers.

Long Yue was glad and did not care about the lives of Hua Xia. He directly told the army of terminators, “ll of you activate your world-termination-armour now!”

After he said that, all the terminators immediately prepared to activate their world-termination-armour.

But the instant before they did so, a voice interrupted them.

“Do not activate your world-termination-armour.” Suddenly, a terminator walked out from among the crowd and walked in front of Long Yue.

Even though Wei Xu had been defeated by Liu Kai previously, he still had an irreplaceable status in everyone else’s hearts. After Wei Xu spoke, Qin Muyao also walked out from the group and stood beside him. He looked at Liu Kai and said, “We shall only follow the commands of the Emperor.”

Long Yue looked at Wei Xu and Qin Muyao, who had stepped forward, irately. He did not understand why matters would go out of hand at such an important moment.

All the terminators watched as Wei Xu and Qin Muyao spoke up one after another and did not know how to react.

One of them is the strongest terminator currently, and the other is the descendant of the strongest terminator. To the other terminators, what they said weighed more heavily than that of Long Yue’s words.

No matter what, Long Yue was only the crown prince of Sa Er. If not because of Xing Hun, his words could not make any other kingdom’s army listen to him.

Long Yue narrowed his eyes that were filled with unkind intentions.

He scoffed inside him.

The Demon Clan had already charged at them. Even if they did not want to fight, they had no other choice.

At that moment, Long Yue did not care about the rest. He directly ordered the terminators from the Kingdom of Sa Er to activate their world-termination-armour to fight against the Demon Clan.

Those terminators naturally did not dare to disobey Long Yue’s command and activated their world-termination-armour. Under Long Yue’s orders, they forced themselves to step forward to prepare for battle against the Demon Clan.


“People from Sa Er, it’s not your turn to move yet!” A reprimanding voice suddenly came from above.

The familiar voice made all the terminators from Sa Er stunned.

Long Yue’s face had even turned sheet white the instant he heard the voice. He looked up suddenly and there was a huge and dark figure overshadowing the sky. A huge ancient dragon had appeared above everyone and blocked the sunlight like a piece of dark cloud.

A slender figure could be seen on top of the ancient dragon. With long hair as dark as ink, and clothes as red as fire, it looked unyielding in the strong wind.

“Ji Fengyan!” Long Yue stared in disbelief. He had seen with his own eyes Ji Fengyan’s ‘corpse’ being buried in the capital city of Sa Er, but now, Ji Fengyan has appeared before him unscathed!

Ji Fengyan stood on the back of the ancient dragon and looked down at the entire areas of human soldiers. She glanced at everyone from Hua Xia and her eyes flashed with a smile. Then she looked towards Long Yue.

“You are actually not dead?! How could it be!” Long Yue shouted in disbelief.

“Before seeing the fall of Divine Temple, how could I bear to die?” Ji Fengyan laughed softly. “Long Yue, you disguised as the prince to collude with the Divine Temple to usurp the throne and caused chaos to all the kingdoms. How dare you still order Sa Er’s army to fight for you!”