The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1262 - The Demon Swamp (2)

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Chapter 1262: The Demon Swamp (2)

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The Terminators from the various nations had also gathered at the capital city of Sa Er, together with their rulers. After the rulers were captured, the Grand Tutors came forward and took over command, tricking the Terminators into also joining the war. In addition, apart from 1,000 Heavenly Fiend members, the Divine Temple was also dispatching a 10,000-strong Terminator army.

The Divine Temple had cultivated the powers of this group of Terminators. Their capabilities were far beyond that of the Terminators from the various nations. Just their World-Termination-Armour alone was much better.

“The bloodline of the demon god has already been diluted over so many generations. The Divine Temple is now far beyond their skills.” Xing Hun chuckled.

There was only one demon god and only one practitioner as powerful as Qin Yu. As his transformation into a demon was too savage, the Divine Temple would never cultivate such an uncontrollable being again.

For some reason, Xing Hun suddenly thought of Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was from the Ji family, which did not have a particularly special demon bloodline. However, Ji Fengyan’s abilities had already far surpassed the power of her bloodline. Even more astonishing to Xing Hun was that Ji Fengyan could defeat high-level demons without activating her World-Termination-Armour. According to sources, even a fully armed Terminator was not her match.

One was called Qin Yu while the other Ji Fengyan. These two Terminators had performed far beyond the expectations of the Divine Temple.


Xing Hun slowly relaxed.

Ji Fengyan was already dead.

“We will reach the Demon Swamp in another two days’ time.” Xing Hun raised his head and looked out of the window at the dusky sky.

Long Yue said, “Very soon, the Divine Temple’s plan will be complete.”

Xing Hun gave a vague response. Somehow, he had an unexplainable sense of foreboding.

At the same time…

Ji Fengyan, whom Xing Hun thought was dead, was leading a group of rulers riding the ancient dragon to the Demon Swamp.

The rulers looked down at the swamp, which was thick with demon aura. Their hearts rose up to their throats.

“Queen, what sort of place is this?” Long Xi asked.

Ji Fengyan surveyed the area before answering, “This is the Demon Swamp.”

“Demon Swamp!!”

Her reply had all the rulers turn pale with fright.

The Demon Swamp was the sacred grounds of the demons. Apart from the top Terminator Qin Yu, no other human had stepped foot inside before. They never expected Ji Fengyan to bring them to such a dangerous place.

“Queen, this is no joke. You have brought us here… what if the demons spotted us?” One of the rulers felt like crying. He had no idea what Ji Fengyan was thinking.

Ji Fengyan chuckled. Her amusement deepened as she looked at the bunch of distressed rulers.

“There’s no ‘what if’. They have already spotted us.” Ji Fengyan pointed.

A dense cloud of flying demons was speeding towards them right then.

Just one glance revealed over 100,000 demons in that crowd!

At this point, the rulers really all felt like crying. As powerful as the ancient dragon was, wasn’t it a death sentence to face more than 100,000 demons?

Just as the group was utterly desolate, Ji Fengyan suddenly drew out her evil-vanquishing sword and pointed it towards the sky!

Instantly, a streak of golden lightning descended and was drawn into the sword. In the next second, a golden light shrouded the entire ancient dragon.